February 14, 2007
New Thing One for Vista: Start Menu

The Start Menu is now symbolized by a button rather than the word 'Start.' It's located in the same place, though, the bottom left hand corner of the screen:


Inside, the menu looks both familiar and different:


The word 'My' has disappeared. It's now 'Computer,' 'Documents,' 'Pictures,' 'Music,' etc. The 'All Programs' menu is no longer a 'fly-out' menu. Each time you click on a folder (for example, 'Microsoft Office') the folder opens in the same list. A scroll bar appears when you need to move up and down the program list. Items listed on the right sidebar have changed slightly. In addition to listing new names for some items, there is no longer a listing for 'Printers and Faxes' and 'Search' has moved tot he bottom of the Start Menu (I'll be talking about both printers and search in upcoming posts).

'Log Off' and 'Shut Down,' which were previously at the bottom of the Start Menu, have changed to 'Sleep' and 'Lock' icons. There is also a side-pointing arrow.


Clicking on the arrow gives you the Shut Down menu, which includes the ability to Switch users as well as Log Off, Restart, Sleep, and Shut Down.

Posted by dcoates at February 14, 2007 11:49 AM
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