February 05, 2007
Breeze is now Adobe Connect

This last week we upgraded our Breeze web conferencing server to Adobe Connect.  This is primarily a cosmetic change as Adobe purchased the Macromedia Breeze web conferencing technology last year and is now rebranding it within its Adobe Acrobat product line.  We also upgraded the system hardware with more processing power and storage space.

For the most part, the transition to Adobe Connect will be transparent.  In the future, you will hear the term “Connect” and we are referring to the web conferencing software formerly known as “Breeze”.  Here are a few changes and enhancements.

  1. As part of an update to the server hardware and software, we changed the name of the server from http://breeze.extension.iastate.edu to http://connect.extension.iastate.edu.  You should begin to use the new system name, but both names will continue to work. 
  2. There is a new meeting plugin which you will need to install if you are a meeting host or presenter.  The easiest way to download and install this new plugin is from the test page.  If this test fails, there is now an option to send the test results directly to us so that we can help you resolve your connection problems.
  3. The Chat and Notes pods now have the capability to send their contents to an email address.  This is a nice new feature for capturing the contents of a notes pod or the history of a chat session.  You have to be a meeting host or presenter to use this feature.
  4. If you are using the Presenter tool to create online presentations, you will want to download and install the newest PowerPoint plugin.  You can find this listed on the Getting Started page. You will need to login to the Connect server to download this software.  Make sure you are logged in as administrator on your computer to install this plugin. 


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