February 06, 2007
Yet More News About Office 2007 and Windows Vista

I've finished up my series of posts on Ten New Things in Office 2007. I'll be following up shortly with a new series covering Ten new Things About Windows Vista. In addition, we've had two Breeze (Connect) sessions providing a brief overview of both Office 2007 and Windows Vista. Upcoming, will be two additional Breeze (Connect) sessions, one on Office 2007 and one on Windows Vista, which will provide a further introduction to the new features. Finally, there will be one hour presentations on Office 2007 and Windows Vista at Professional Development Day, March 15th.

Office 2007 was distributed to field offices in last week's transmittal packet. For more information, check here and here.

Windows Vista will not be distributed to ISU Extension offices at this time, though we will be announcing that date shortly. Because installing Windows Vista requires a 'clean install' (saving off all your data, wiping your hard drive, loading Windows Vista, then re-loading all your programs and data) we will be developing and testing detailed instructions on this process before releasing Windows Vista. In addition, your computer needs to meet minimum requirements before installing Vista (I'll be putting those minimum requiremens up on TechNews shortly). Windows Vista will come on a DVD, rather than a CD, so can only be installed on computers with DVD readers.

Both Windows Vista and Office 2007 are licensed under Iowa State University's MCA agreement with Microsoft. This means that the university has paid to license upgrade versions of this software for office computers. There is no additional cost to you for the software.

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