February 01, 2007
Office 2007 CDs

Office 2007 CDs will be coming in this week's (February 2nd) transmittal packet. We are sending them out at this time so that all offices will have a copy of the program and so that early adopters can install and start using the program.

There is no need to install Office 2007 at this time.

You should wait to install Office 2007:

  • If you are more comfortable with writtten support materials, peer support, and hands-on training
  • If you are working with complex documents on deadline and don't have the time to learn a new system immediately

You might install Office 2007 at your convenience:

  • If you are comfortable using new technology
  • If you can adjust easily to a different look and feel
  • If you want to spend some time exploring the new setup and finding out for yourself where things are and what new features are available

Support materials for Office 2007 will generally take the form of TechNews postings and pointers to additional resources at Microsoft and other locations. Training dates in your areas will be announced soon (via TechNews and other venues).

Office 2007 is currently being supported by EIT and the Support Hotline (515-294-1725). However, this is a new program with many new features and we may not always have an immediate answer to your questions as we continue to explore and learn this technology ourselves.

If you want to see a brief demonstration of Office 2007 and Windows Vista, you can view the recording of a recent Breeze (Connect) event at: http://breeze.extension.iastate.edu/p90339238/. You may also want to review the Technews postings on Ten New Things about Office 2007, which begin here

Posted by dcoates at February 01, 2007 08:35 AM
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