January 30, 2007
New Thing Nine: Permission to View (Outlook)

If you've shared calendars with other people in your office in Outlook 2003, you know that it can be a complicated process. You have to change the permissions for your calendar, which involves finding the permissions tab, setting permissions to 'reviewer' status (if what you want is for them to be able to view, but not change, your calendar). You don't know whether you've done it correctly until they actually try to bring up your calendar in their Outlook and even then, you're only half-way done. Now they have to set permissions on their calendar so you can read it.

In Outlook 2007, the process is simpler, although it is still under your individual control whether you grant other people the right to view items in your calendar (remember: it's not necessary for others to have rights to view your calendar if all they want to do is see whether you are available for a meeting. Meetings can be scheduled by viewing Free/Busy times, which everyone on the system can see and use). To view an individual's calendar in Outlook 2007, select 'Open a Shared Calendar' and type in the person's name or Net-ID. If you have permission to view, their calendar will appear on the screen. If you do not have permission to view, you'll see the following:


...where 'Davenport, Floyd D [C EXT] would be replaced by the name of the person whose specific calendar you're requesting permission to view.

If you say 'Yes,' you will see the following:


Sharing request: Calendar (click to see larger image)

At this point you can also choose to click the box that gives the recipient permission to view your calendar as well. Before the message is sent, outlook confirms that you want to give the recipient 'Reviewer' rights (the ability to view but not to edit or delete) items on your calendar. When they receive your message, they can 'Accept' or 'Decline' or choose to send you a message back.

Their response to you will look like:


Allowed: Sharing request: Calendar response (click to see larger image)

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