January 25, 2007
New Thing Eight: To Do Lists, Flags, and Categories

Okay, really, Office 2003 also had To Do Lists, Flags and Categories. But Office 2007 adds capabilities to each of these features making them (one hopes) more practical, efficient and useable for managing your email, tasks and appointments.


Flags in Outlook 2007

Office 2007 has enhanced the Flags feature. If you haven't been using Flags, they provide a way to indicate that a particular email or task or appointment is designated for followup. in Office 2003, the basic states for items was simply unflagged or flagged. In Office, 2007, you can flag something for followup today, tomorrow, this week, next week, or a customized date you choose.

Categories are also more flexible. You can change the names of categories. You can assign more than one category to a task, appointment or email. You can create category search folders so that it's easy to find all items in a particular category. you can change and rename categories and you have a wider range of color coding to choose from. The primary changes from categories on Office 2003 are the abilities to use more than one category for an item and the broader range of codings.


Categories List in Outlook 2007

In Outlook, when you're viewing your email, you can now also have a 'To Do Bar' open on the right-hand side of the screen. The To Do Bar can be open (you will see all contents), minimized (you will see only the most important current items), or closed (you won't see it at all). The To Do Bar, which can be customized, contains a monthly calendar, your next 'x' number of appointments (default is '3'). And your task list. You can also customize which of these items appears on your To Do Bar. In addition, it is now possible for your tasks to appear at the bottom of your calendar on the day they're due.


To Do Bar

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