January 09, 2007
New Thing One: Ribbons in Office 2007

For Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (but not Outlook), those familiar File, Edit, Help menus are gone as are the toolbars, replaced by something called Ribbons. Items on the Ribbon are organized into groups, accessed via tabs, which vary by application, including Home, Insert, View, Page Layout (Word and Excel), Design (Powerpoint), and others.

All the basic functions are still present. Many of them, like changing font types and size are much easier to access. However, if you knew the old menus by heart...the new ribbons may take some getting used to.


Powerpoint 2007 Home Ribbon (click on image to see larger)

word ribbonsmall.jpg

Word 2007 Home Ribbon (click on image to see larger)

Excel ribbonsmall.jpg

Excel 2007 Home Ribbon (click on image to see larger)

For more information, visit: Basic Training for the Ribbon and Use the Ribbon at Microsoft's Office Online site.

Posted by dcoates at January 09, 2007 03:33 PM
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