January 03, 2007
Some Things to Know About Spam

Things to Know:

  • We all get it
  • We all hate it
  • We all wish it would go away

Additional Things:

  • More than 55 billion emails a day are spam
  • 90% of all email is spam

If three-fourths of the email in your inbox is not spam then thank your local mail handlers and your email program because they are stopping a huge number of useless junk emails from filling your mailbox to overflowing.

Because ISU is a research and academic institution, it is considered more important that all legitimate mail gets through than that all spam is stopped. ISU has opted to emphasize filtering over removal (if you've ever tried to reach someone whose ISP overzealously dumps spam before it gets to the user, you have some idea why ISU takes the approach it does). There are no ideal solutions merely solutions that fail in different ways.

Things done in your name to stop the torrent of spam to your mailbox:

Things you can do to stop what does make it through:

Additional information: http://www.it.iastate.edu/spam/faq.html

Both Outlook's Junk folder and the Perlmx rating system may label email that isn't spam as spam so you need to check your Junk folder periodically to make sure that a legitimate email isn't getting caught. If you're expecting email from someone or if a message does get caught in the Junk folder, you can add that address to your address book to prevent it getting caught again.

Spam filtering is a war with escalating tactics and our side is primarily battling defensively. That means everything we do will eventually be countered. It also means that you may go several months and see no spam whatsoever then--boom!--ten pieces of spam show up in your mailbox in one day.

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