December 19, 2006
Internet Explorer 7: Security

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has a number of new security features built in. Some of these include:

Phishing Filter: IE7 can help identify fraudulent web sites. When the phishing filter is on, you will receive a warning when visiting a site that is a known or potential phishing site.

Cross-Domain Barriers: Limits the scripts on webpages you access from interacting across domains or windows. This helps protect against malicious software damaging your system by limiting the potential for others to exploit security flaws or cause you to download spyware and other software that might damage your system.

Delete browsing history: Allows you to clean up your browsing history (cached pages, passwords, form data, cookies) from a single window.

Address Bar Protection: Every window will give an address bar which can help identify and block malicious sites masquerading as legitimate sites.

Fix My Settings: IE7 will warn you in the Information bar when your current security settings may put you at risk. Within the Internet control panel, you wil see certain crticial items highlighted in red when IE7 considers them unsafely configured. You will also continue to be reminded in the information bar as long as IE7 considers your settings remain unsafe. You can change your Internet security settings to 'Medium-High' by clicking 'Fix my settings' in the Information bar.

You can find more information about IE7 here.

Posted by dcoates at December 19, 2006 08:56 AM
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