December 11, 2006
Smartphones and PDAs

Last week at the CEED conference I gave a talk on Smartphones and PDAs. Topics included: what smartphones are, why you might want one, how they work. Smartphones combine the features of a cell phone and a PDA, can pull email, contacts and tasks from Outlook/Exchange and can transfer data over-the-air (operate almost anywhere you can use a cellphone) or wirelessly (operate anywhere you can connect wirelessly with your laptop).

You can check out the slides from the presentation here.

If you're interested in smartphones or PDAs, we are supporting Windows Mobile 5 for the operating system. This narrows your cell plan options and may mean that your area of the state is not quite smartphone-ready. The advantages, however, are that it is easier to set up and the phones/PDAs operate very similarly to your desktop or laptop computer (fewer separate systems to learn). ISU has business and personal plan contracts for cellular service that you may want to check out. Currently only Verizon (of the companies ISU has contracts with) offers smartphones with Windows Mobile OS. We do not recommend Blackberries for Extension use as they require additional software and setup.

Posted by dcoates at December 11, 2006 04:48 PM
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