December 08, 2006
Follow-up to Vista/Office Preview

At the recent CEED Conference I presented a session titled Getting Ahead: Preview Windows Vista and Office 2007. As promised, the slides are now available. Of course, since the session was largely demo you'll probably want to register for the upcoming online session some of my colleagues are giving on January 22nd. We have other upcoming sessions, too.

Here are answers to the follow-up questions I took away from the session.

  1. How are search results ordered? Can it be configured?
    Search results are ordered by relevance--best matches first--and grouped by type of result (Programs, Files, Communications, etc). I can't find any way to alter this behavior.

  2. Can you print multiple calendars when viewing in overlay mode?
    I couldn't find any built-in way to do this, but while searching the Help I found a free Microsoft add-in called the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 that does the job. For those that like to print calendars this tool has a number of formatting capabilities and other options.

  3. Has PowerPoint been enhanced in the areas of audio or video?
    I'm hoping one of my colleagues can post a better response to this question, because these are features I don't personally use. But, there do seem to be some process improvements. Check out 'Add sounds or movies' in the Help or online.

  4. Where can I get the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor?

If you have more questions please post a comment, send me mail or come to the January session. We'll be bringing lots more Vista/Office material your way, but it helps to know what you're interested in or confused about.


Posted by dddugan at December 08, 2006 01:53 PM