October 27, 2005
FAQ: How do I schedule a meeting?

Go to the Calendar (select Calendar in the left Navigation bar). Click 'New' or go to the File menu, click on New, and select 'Meeting request'. Indicate Subject, Location, Start time, and End Time. Add meeting notes or an agenda.

To invite others to the meeting and check availability, click on the 'Scheduling' tab. Enter the names or (email addresses if they are not on Exchange) of the people you want to attend your meeting or click on 'Add Others' and select Exchange users from the Global Address List. If you are inviting people who also have Exchange accounts, you will be able to see the times that are already marked off on their calendars and can schedule the meeting during a time that is open for them.

When you have finished selecting attendees and you have entered all the applicable meeting information, click 'Send'.

Posted by dcoates at October 27, 2005 04:06 PM
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