September 21, 2005
FAQ: Is all my mail stored on the central server?

There are several ways to setup Outlook/Exchange. However, generally you will want to keep your current mail on the Exchange server and archive your older mail (for example, you might archive all mail older than six months).

Because server storage is not unlimited, each user is allowed up to 100 MB of email storage on the server. You will need to clean up and archive your mail so that you do not exceed this limit. Outlook will automatically archive (autoarchive) mail older than a specific date (the default setting is to autoarchive incoming mail that is more than 6 months old). You can still access this information in Outlook (archived information also includes your calendar dates, tasks, etc.) but it will be stored on your main computer rather than on the server and will not be available when you access your email via Outlook Web Access or from another computer. For more information on managing space in Outlook, archiving, and personal folders, see Managing Mailbox Space and Personal Folders.

Posted by dcoates at September 21, 2005 03:19 PM
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