September 22, 2005
FAQ: I don't want to switch. If I ignore you will you go away?

At some point (we have not set this date yet), we will drop support for Eudora. If you have problems with Eudora after that date, our advice will be to switch to Outlook/Exchange. In addition, Outlook/Exchange offers you features Eudora doesn't have--scheduling meetings, tracking your schedule, sharing calendars--that you may find useful and worthwhile.

Posted by dcoates at September 22, 2005 04:10 PM

I have read material for Outlook and see that you must put everyones name in when you send messages. Have received message from people who have already been to the training. My question is why isn't there a nickname to use so you don't get many pages of names when a message is sent to a large number of people?

Posted by: Verna on October 17, 2005 11:26 AM


You can indeed create the equivalent of nicknames in Outlook (this is part of the class agenda and is also discussed in 'Life After Eudora'). However, both nicknames and distribution lists (in Outlook) are not true mailing lists and either are putting the names all in the To: line or all in the Bcc: line. In either case, you will have trouble with delivery for very large distribution lists because the messsage you're sending will resemble the sorts of messages spammers send. Sometimes your message will not be delivered because it will trigger 'junk mail' rules on a mail server.

If you have large lists of names, I'd strongly recommend that you create a mailing list, which is easier to maintain and update and handles large lists of names much more elegantly than a distribution list.

Posted by: Deb Coates on October 19, 2005 11:18 AM
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