September 06, 2005
At last...

Some time ago, we posted information in Tech News about switching from Eudora to Outlook Exchange. This included the intital announcement, some reasons why we're switching (integrated e-mail, scheduling, etc.; shared calendars; and more flexible access to your e-mail

Over the last few months, we've setup the Exchange server and converted an initial set of users. Now, we're getting ready to extend the conversion to everyone in Extension. We have a training schedule and a process for setting up accounts. We've developed support resources, including a set of frequently asked questions. Starting this week, we'll be posting these and other important links in the right-hand column of this web page. Outlook-Exchange announcements, news, schedule changes, and resource links will be posted here first.

The official rollout for Extension's Outlook/Exchange conversion will be the week of Annual Conference, but before that date we'll have a couple of informational Breeze meetings (details to follow)Registration for accounts and classes will be opening soon.

If you want to stay up-to-date and you haven't already done so, signup to get Tech News in e-mail form via the subscribe box in the left-hand column (if you're not actually at the Tech News page, go to

Update: This project does not simply involve a switch from Eudora to Outlook. It also includes a new Exchange server account (this is what makes shared calendaring and integrated services possible). To make the transition as smooth and straightforward for you as possible, and to make the best use of our support resources, do not switch to Outlook now; you will still have to convert to Outlook-Exchange later.

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