November 02, 2004
At least VirusScan Enterprise 7

If you are running any version of VirusScan less than Enterprise 7, you should update now.

To determine which version you currently have:

  1. Right-click the VShield icon in your task bar
  2. Select About VirusScan or About VirusScan Enterprise
  3. Review the version number and virus definitions created on date

If the version number is less than 7.0.0, you should log on with your administrator account and update through Scout. Version 7.1 is available in the Current section. (Do not use any Scout CDs your office may have; these are outdated.)

If the virus definitions created on date is more than one to two weeks old, you should review your autoupdate schedule. Outdated antivirus software is just as bad as no antivirus software. To review or change the autoupdate schedule:

  1. Right-click the VShield icon in your task bar, select VirusScan Console
  2. Right-click the AutoUpdate task, select Properties
  3. Select daily updates at a time when your computer will be on
  4. OK your way back out and close the VirusScan Console

You can also update your virus definitions at any time (in between scheduled updates) by right-clicking the VShield icon and selecting 'Update Now' from the menu.

For further assistance please contact the Extension IT Support Hotline (515-294-1725).

Posted by dddugan at November 02, 2004 03:21 PM