August 19, 2004
More on Windows XP Service Pack 2

UPDATE: Service Pack XP2 has been patched so that you'll no longer see the 'Welcome' screen below when it's installed on your system. Service Pack XP2 will download and install itself behind the scenes and when it's completed, you'll see a screen that says that automatic updates have been installed and you should reboot.

If you're on a Windows XP machine, you should receive Service Pack 2 via automatic update sometime in the next week (some people on campus have already received the update). When the Service Pack is available for install, you will see an image that looks something like this:

Windows Service Pack 2 welcome screen

When you see the screen above, click "Next." Windows Service Pack 2 will install on your computer. Additional screens will appear during the install to report the progess. When completed, you should see an 'Automatic updates' box asking you to reboot your computer.

In some cases, the screen below may appear before the Welcome screen. If so, wait until the Welcome screen appears and then click 'Next.'

Windows Service Pack 2 welcome screen

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Posted by dcoates at August 19, 2004 03:52 PM