April 27, 2004
So your computer is infected...

If your computer has been infected by a virus, you should take the following steps:

  • Download and run Stinger
  • Update your anti-virus definitions (right-click V-Shield, Update Now)
  • Perform a full system scan (right-click V-Shield, VirusScan Console, Scan all Fixed Disks)

If a virus was found and removed, your computer should be clean. If nothing is found, either your computer was not infected, or the infection is interfering with VirusScan. Call the Extenion IT Support Hotline if you're unsure. (515-294-1725)

As always, the best way to avoid virus infection is DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS unless you are expecting them and they are from a known source. Even if you are expecting something and it appears to be from a known source, be suspicious if the body of the message is not descriptive or contains cryptic messages. If you're unsure, contact the sender or Extension IT before opening the attachment.

Posted by dddugan at April 27, 2004 09:00 AM