April 14, 2004
Upgrading to Eudora 6.1

UPDATE: (4/19/04): Eudora 6.1 is now in the Current section of the Scout kit. In the instructions below, skip steps 4 & 5.

Eudora 6.1 is now available. To upgrade to Eudora 6.1:

  1. Back up your current Eudora folder (this is a precautionary measure only; you shouldn't have to copy it back).
  2. Log in as Administrator (be sure to change 'log onto' to (your computer))
  3. Go to the Start menu, select Scout (you will be downloading Eudora 6.1 off the network; do not use the Scout CD)
  4. At the bottom of the Scout Window, select 'Configure'.
  5. Select 'Advanced'. Select 'Done'
  6. Select Eudora 6.1 email
  7. Once Eudora 6.1 is installed, reboot your computer and log back in as yourself.

NOTE: when you go back into Scout the next time, you may still be set to the Advanced kit. Click 'Configure'. Select 'Current'. Click 'Done'.

We are recommending this update because Eudora 6.1 appears to fix the recent problem some people have been having with mail messages that contain or did contain at one time the Exploit.MIME virus. Because this virus is prevalent, even people who have not yet encountered this problem should take steps to update.

The symptoms of this problem (via AIT):

  1. Eudora is launched and email is checked. During the download process, VirusScan reports that it has found an infected file with a name like “RCV6B.tmp” or “xxxxxx.RCV”. These are temporarily used by Eudora as it is processing new email.
  2. If VirusScan successfully deletes the file, a series of prompts are presented by Eudora saying that if can't find a particular temp file (like rcv6b.tmp). The user gets to click OK many times.
  3. If you close Eudora and restart it, all of the remaining messages that were waiting to be processed are flushed from the Eudora spool directory resulting in a loss of those messages.

If you have questions, contact the computer support hotline at 515/294-1725.

Posted by dcoates at April 14, 2004 08:57 AM