April 13, 2004
Short Term Fix: Upgrading to Eudora 6.1

UPDATE: Eudora 6.1 is now available in the Advanced Scout Kit. See instructions above.

NOTE: Soon Eudora 6.1 will be available through the Advanced version of Scout (on the network). We’ll announce its availability here and you can then more easily upgrade to 6.1 using the Scout program

WHY do it before it's available via Scout?
Eudora version 6.1 appears to fix the problem some people are currently having with lost email from a specific VirusScan/Eudora interaction when certain detected virus messages are encountered. IF you are having this problem, you may want to upgrade now.

Before you upgrade:

  1. Backup your Eudora folder
  2. Make sure VirusScan is uptodate (you should be running VirusScan Enterprise 7 and have it set to update regularly)

If you have Eudora 5.2 or older:

  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. Using the Scout CD that was sent in the March 5, 2004 transmittal packet, install Eudora 6.0 on your computer
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Remove the Scout CD from your CD drive
  5. Proceed to follow the instructions for upgrading Eudora 6.0 below

If you have Eudora 6.0

  1. While still logged in as yourself, open Eudora. Click on the ‘Help’ menu. Select ‘About Eudora’. Write down the ‘Reg#’
  2. Close all the programs you’re currently running. Log out and log back into your computer as Adminsitrator
  3. Open Internet Explorer
  4. Go to http://www.eudora.com
  5. Click on the button labeled “Download Eudora 6.1”
  6. Under ‘Eudora for Windows’ click “Download Eudora 6.1”. When it asks, click “Save”. Click “Save” again. Note where your computer says it’s saving the downloaded file. You’ll need to know this for the next step
  7. When you’ve finished downloading Eudora, find the downloaded file (file name: Eudora_6.1.exe). Double click on Eudora_6.1.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions provided.
  8. Once installation is completed, Restart your computer and log in as yourself (use your email address without ‘@iastate.edu’ and be sure to change ‘Log onto’ to IASTATE).
  9. Run Eudora. If it tells you that you must pay, go to the ‘Help’ menu. Click on ‘Payment and registration’. For First Name, type: Iowa State University. For Last Name, type: Site License. For Code, type the ‘Reg#’ you wrote down in step number 1 (under ‘If you have Eudora 6.0’)
Posted by dcoates at April 13, 2004 03:13 PM