March 10, 2004
Don't get hijacked!

Over the past few months we've noticed an increase in calls to the Computer Support Hotline about spyware unknowingly installed on computers and about unwelcome popups when using a web browser.

If you notice that your homepage has changed and that you are now receiving massive amounts of popups, you may have been hijacked.

Browser hijacking can occur when you visit a web site and it resets your homepage to one other than the one you specified originally. Sometimes the Windows registry is also changed so that you can't change your homepage back.

To reclaim your computer and browser, we recommend using Ad-Aware. The program searches your computer for spyware and any other malware that could potentially hijack your internet browser.

Make sure that the first time you run the program that you update it. Click on the globe icon, then click on 'Connect'. This will ensure that Ad-Aware can detect all the latest spyware programs out there.

If you have questions about spyware or how and when to use Ad-Aware, call the Computer Support Hotline at (515) 294-1725.

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