March 08, 2004
Yet another virus update

Over the last hour or so, many of you have probably been receiving messages that resemble this:

Here is the file

[icon] yourdocuments.pif

These are virus-laden attachments, do not open them.

I would expect that shortly the E500 virus detectors on the mail server on campus will start detecting these viruses and you'll receive some email messages with a subject that starts with 'Virus detected and cleaned' Following that VirusScan Enterprise 7 will be updated and you can right-click on the V-Shield, select 'Update Now' and then select 'On-Demand Scan' to be sure all the virus attachments have been deleted.

A couple of things to remember:

In most cases, you won't become infected if you haven't clicked on the attachment in the email. Only that attachment will contain the virus and once you've deleted that, you're finished.

There are a huge number of virus variation being produced and sent out 'into the wild' these days. The high volume means that we're even more likely to see viruses temporarily getting through the E-500 email virus protection and VirusScan.

Posted by dcoates at March 08, 2004 03:53 PM