November 18, 2003
A New Network in Town

As most of you know by now, ISU Extension has signed a contract with ICN to install broadband capabilities in field offices. Specifics will be coming, but here is a general outline of what will be happening in the next five to six months:

The schedule for installing offices will be finalized and distributed before December 25th

  • All county offices were contacted in the last 45 days to find out the location for installing the new broadband equipment
  • The installation schedule is based on a number of factors including: area priorities, geographical distribution, and planned office moves, as well as coordinating schedules with ICN.
What to expect:
  • There will be up to three sets of installers visiting your office (your local telecom, ICN, and ISU Extension IT)
  • The actual changeover to the new network will happen when the ISU Extension IT staff visit your office (the other visits are to perform initial setup)
  • No changes to the setup of your current machine will be necessary to operate on the new network

If you have questions, contact Floyd Davenport at or via phone at 515-294-8658

Posted by dcoates at November 18, 2003 01:37 PM