August 19, 2003
More Virus News--Sobig virus

Update your VirusScan today to detect a new email virus.

To update, right-click on the VirusScan shield in the lower right-hand corner of your machine. If it says 'Update now...' in the menu, select that option. If it doesn't offer you that option, open the VirusScan Console, double-click on AutoUpdate and select 'Run Now' or 'Update Now.'

Once you've updated your computer, you can scan for viruses by either right-clicking on the VirusScan shield and selecting 'On Demand Scan...' or opening the VirusScan console and telling it to Scan My Computer or Scan C Drive.

Additional information:
There is a new email virus making the rounds called w32/Sobig.f@MM. Sobig.f spreads via e-mail and sends mail to people in the address book of the infected machine. It 'spoofs' the From: address in mail it sends, meaning that when you receive an infected message it is most likely not from the person it says it's from.

Do not open attachments in your email that you aren't expecting or are from people that you don't know. In particular, don't open attachments that have the extensions .pif, .scr, .vbs, .exe.

This virus is now being detected at the Iowa State mailhub, so infected email sent to you after approximately noon today should already have had the virus removed from them (you should see 'Virus Detected and Cleaned' in the email header).

Final Note: If your computer is currently infected with the virus, you may not be able to access the network--part of the unversity's defense against spreading the virus any further. You will need to contact the Computer Support Hotline for help cleaning and unblocking your machine (515/294-1725).

Posted by dcoates at August 19, 2003 01:58 PM