August 19, 2003
More Blaster News--Eudora Symptoms

If you have the W32.Blaster.Worm on your computer, you may see the following issues with Eudora:

--Grayed out windows
--Inability to open mailboxes (you can see the mailboxes in the list of mailboxes, but they don't open when you click on them)
--Inability to copy/cut/paste
--Inability to Find/Search in Windows

You may also have the Blaster worm if you're having trouble getting to anything on the Internet or having trouble cutting and pasting in MS Word.

If you have the worm, you will need to install the patch, if you haven't already.

Once you've installed the patch, you'll need to run a program to clean the worm off your computer. McAffee provides a cleaning program called Stinger. Download this program and run it on your computer.

To install the patch and run Stinger, you'll need to be logged in on your computer as Administrator.

If you have one infected computer in your office, it's likely that others are also infected, since the worm spreads through the network very quickly.

Remember, when you are logged in as Administrator, don't open Eudora, print this message (if you've received this as a mail message) before you log in as Administrator.

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Install the patch:
Download Stinger:
McAfee main site:

Posted by dcoates at August 19, 2003 08:51 AM