August 14, 2003
Resetting Eudora Permissions

On many Windows 2000 computers, if you open Eudora while you're logged in as Administrator, the permissions will be reset on your email folders and when you log back in as yourself, you'll get 'permission denied' errors.

To prevent this from happening, don't open Eudora when you're logged in as Administrator.

To fix the problem once it's occurred:

1. Log into your computer as Administrator
2. Double-click on 'My Computer'
3. Double-click on the C: drive
4. Double-click on the 'Program Files' folder
5. Right-click on the 'Qualcomm' folder. Select 'Properties'. Click on the 'Security' tab
6. In the 'Qualcomm Properties' window, select Power Users under 'Group or User name' (If Power Users is not a choice, click 'Add' to add it).
7. Under 'Permissions for Power Users' Click on the checkbox to Allow Full Control. Click 'Apply'
8. Click on the 'Advanced' button. At the bottom of the window, click on the check box to 'Reset permissions on all child objects...' or 'Inherit from parents...'
9. Click OK. Click 'Yes' when asked for confirmation.
10. Click OK to close the 'Qualcomm Properties' window
11. Log off administrator. Log in as yourself and run Eudora.

If you have problems, contact the Computer support hotline at 515/294-1725

Posted by dcoates at August 14, 2003 11:27 AM