August 13, 2003
Windows 2000, Patches, and Service Packs

If you have Windows 2000 on your computer and you try to install the patch referred to in yesterday's TechNews security alert, you may have received a message indicating that you need to have 'at least Service Pack 2 installed' to apply the patch.

Service Pack 3 (which includes Service Pack 2 features as well) can be found on the newest Scout CD which was sent to field offices in the July 11, 2003 transmittal packet.

To apply the Service Pack, log in as Administrator. At the login prompt, type ‘Administrator’ rather than your regular log-in and use the administrator password rather than your regular password. When you log in, be sure to change ‘Log onto:’ from IASTATE to the computer name (which will be identified on a drop down list by ‘(this computer)’).

Insert the Scout CD in your CD drive. Double-click on My Computer. Double-click on the Scout CD. Double-Click on the folder called 'Other'. Double-click on the folder called 'Win2000 Sp3'. Double-click on W2KSP3.exe. Follow the instructions for installation.

Once you have installed Service Pack 3, you can continue with the instructions for installing the security patch

If you have questions or problems, contact the Computer Support hotline at 515/294-1725.

Posted by dcoates at August 13, 2003 08:34 AM