July 30, 2003
Tips for Easy Screen Viewing

So, you have a new desktop or a new laptop and you love it...except you can't quite make out the tiny text and icons on the screen. Never fear, Extension IT is here to save the day!

Here are a few simple tips that will get you on the road to easier viewing.

Tip # 1: Enable large or extra-large fonts on your screen. To do this, right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Properties. Click on the appearance tab near the top of the Display Properties window. The last drop-down list in the window has 3 options; Normal, Large Fonts and Extra Large Fonts. It may take a bit of experimenting to see what your eyes like best, but it's worth it. When you find a style you like, click on the Apply button.

Don't close that window yet, there's more...

Tip #2: Enable large icons. Go to the same Display Properties window and once again click the Appearance tab. There is a button labeled "Effects..." that you can click and it will give you some options, of which one is to Use large icons.

One more and we're done...

Tip #3: On the same "Effects" window you have open, there is a drop-down list for smoothing the edges of screen fonts. Select "ClearType" and make sure the checkbox for "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" is checked. Now click OK, then Apply, and enjoy your new computer!

If you are still having problems viewing your screen, call the Hotline at (515) 294-1725 and we can work through some more advanced topics with you that MAY help.

Posted by at July 30, 2003 03:45 PM