March 28, 2003
Sending Files via Filescatter

E-mail attachments can be an easy way to send documents to another user. They can cause problems, however, when used to send a file (particularly a large file) to lots and lots of people. A copy of the file is made for every person the message is sent to, bogging down the e-mail server, and recipients can't choose when they receive the attachment, which can be a problem if it's a large file and they have a slow connection. In addition, many e-mail servers restrict the size of attachments sent to multiple recipients.

Extension IT has developed a service called Filescatter that allows you to upload the file you want to distribute and notify the recipients that the file is available. You can access Filescatter here. There is also now a pointer to Filescatter under the 'Links' listing to the right.

Instructions for using Filescatter are also available online.

Posted by dcoates at March 28, 2003 10:53 AM