February 18, 2003
Pagemaker 6.5 and Windows XP

Installing Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 on a Windows XP computer may give you the following error when you try to run the program:


To fix this problem, Adobe has released an update for the program. Go to:

Pagemaker 6.5 or 6.51 to 6.52 update page

To install the update:

--Log in as Administrator
--Double-click on the downloaded file (pm652upd.exe)
--Select the language you want to appear in the updater windows and dialog boxes, then click Next.
--Select the region where you are located to determine which language the updater uses for its license agreement, then click Next.
--Follow the on-screen instructions until the updater notifies you that PageMaker has been updated.
--Click OK to exit the updater.
--Log out as Administrator. And log back in as yourself.

The 6.52 update also fixes other Pagemaker issues, so you may also want to update if you've gotten other error messages in Pagemaker version 6.5. (Note: You must have version 6.5 or version 6.51 for this update to work properly.)

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