December 17, 2002
Installing Netscape 7.0

If you currently have Netscape 4.77 on your machine and you want to install Netscape 7.0, you should follow these instructions:

Because there are significant changes between 4.77 and 7.0, you must install Netscape 7.0 as a new program. The new version has a different main file located in a different place than the old version.

--Log in as Administrator (on a Windows 2000 or XP machine)
--Insert the Scout CD
--Click on Configure. Select Advanced
--Install Nescape 7.0
--When Scout asks 'Have you installed this before...' Click 'No'
--Select the default location for installation
--Once installation is completed, reboot your machine, log in with your own Net-ID and run Netscape 7.0
--When asked, convert your 4.77 profile to Netscape 7 (this will transfer your settings and bookmarks

Once Netscape 7.0 is up and running and your 4.77 data has been converted, log in as administrator again, go to Settings, Control Panels, Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Netscape 4.77

If you're currently using Internet Explorer instead of Netscape, there is no reason to switch to this new version of Netscape. If you want to convert from Netscape to Internet Explorer, we have instructions for converting.

Posted by dcoates at December 17, 2002 10:04 AM