December 17, 2002
Updating VirusScan

The new Scout CD contains updates for VirusScan and for the VirusScan data file (VirusScan Updater 4160/4229 Updater). If you are currently running VirusScan and it's set to AutoUpdate regularly, you do NOT need to install VirusScan or the Updater from the Scout CD.

Producing the Scout CD, making copies, and mailing them to you takes a couple of weeks time. By the time it gets to you, your VirusScan on your computer may be more recent than the data on the Scout CD. The Scout CD is useful if, for some reason you need to uninstall and reinstall VirusScan, if your machine has NOT been regularly updating your VirusScan program, and if you are setting up a new computer.

To check AutoUpdate in VirusScan:

--Double-click on the VirusScan Console (the icon that looks like a magnifying glass) in the lower right-hand corner of your screen
--Under AutoUpdate, the column entitled 'Last Run' should tell you when AutoUpdate was last run on your machine and whether it was successful
--If the 'Last Run' date was not within the last week, double-click on AutoUpdate
--Click on Schedule
--Select Enable, Daily. Ensure each of Monday through Sunday are checked. Click 'OK'

Posted by dcoates at December 17, 2002 09:41 AM