December 17, 2002
New Scout CD

A new Scout CD was sent to field offices in the December 13th transmittal packet. We send the Scout CD out on a regular basis for use in new computer setups and re-installing programs. If you are not experiencing any ongoing problems, you will not need to use the Scout CD at this time.

The new CD contains up-to-date versions of:

*Adobe Acrobat
*Aladdin Expander
*Eudora Pro
*Telnet (Host Explorer)

Netscape version 7.0 is available in the Advanced section of the Scout CD. To get to the Advanced section, click on 'Configure.' Under 'Package Versions,' select 'Advanced.' Click 'Done'. You will need to follow the setup instructions to install Netscape 7.0 properly.

The Scout CD also includes installation versions of Internet Explorer, HP Print drivers, and other service packs and updates. These can be found from the desktop by double-clicking on 'My Computer,' double-clicking on the Scout CD, and the double-clicking on the 'Other' folder.

Posted by dcoates at December 17, 2002 09:31 AM