October 16, 2002
Controlling Spam, Redux

As we noted in a previous Technews article, on October 1st, AIT (Academic Information Technology) activated spam detection software to scan all incoming email for spam. Most noticeably to e-mail recipients, mail with a high probability of being spam had information inserted in the subject header that looked like: [SPAM? ##..]

Because there is no foolproof system for separating spam from non-spam, the system, although extensively tested before release, also requires tweaking once it's up and running.

On October 28th, some additional changes will be made to the way the system operates. These include:

--Stop adding [SPAM? ##..] to the subject of suspect messages
--Use an additional header (X-PerlMx-Spam) to indicate the probability that a given message is spam

Sample X-PerlMx-Spam header:
X-Perlmx-Spam: Gauge=XXXXXXXXXIIIIIII, Probabiliy=87%, Report ="BIG_FONT"....

It will still be possible to filter potential SPAM messages as they come in. Instructions for doing so as well as additional information on the spam detection software and the changes being implemented can be found on AIT's web pages.

Posted by dcoates at October 16, 2002 01:21 PM