September 27, 2002
VirusScan Hotfix for Windows 98

MacAfee has released a hotfix for VirusScan for Windows 98 systems. If you're using VirusScan on a Windows 98 (or Windows 95) system, you should apply this hotfix immediately.

A Windows 98 machine with an up-to-date version of VirusScan (without the hotfix) may produce any or all of the following symptoms:

--Blue Screens
--Excessive machine slowdown
--Clock time loss
--Jerky mouse cursor movements
--'Stuttering' sound cards

The hotfix, 4160 Engine Hotfix 1 to VirusScan, is available through Scout. To access, go to Start-->Programs-->Scout

The button labeled "VirusScan 4160 Hotfix 1" will only show up if you run Scout from a Windows 98 machine, not a Windows 2000 machine. When you run Scout, do not insert the Scout CD you received in June, 2002 as the Hotfix is not a part of that CD. It can currently only be accessed via network connection.

If you have questions about applying this hotfix, you can contact the Extension Support line at 515/294-1725.

Posted by dcoates at September 27, 2002 02:16 PM