September 17, 2002
Don't Delete that File!

Have you recently received an email message that started something like this:

I was just sent a message from someone who had our e-mail address in their address book. They had gotten a virus which is undectable by Norton and McAfee Anti-Virus programs and lies dormant for 14 days before damaging the system. Since this virus is transmitted automatically by messenger, then my adress book was also infected and so, probably, is yours, whether or not you send e-mails. The virus is called jdbgmgr.exe.

The message continues, telling you to look for this file, jdbgmgr.exe and delete it.

If you get this message, DO NOT delete that file. This is a hoax message, not a real virus. For more information, check:

More information on Virus Hoaxes in general can be found at:

If you already deleted the file: This is not a critical system file. Your computer will likely continue to operate normally. Some Java applets found on some web pages may not function correctly, but they will not cause damage. If you experience problems which you suspect might be caused by having deleted this file, please contact the Extension IT Support Hotline (515-294-1725).

Posted by dcoates at September 17, 2002 08:46 AM