August 20, 2002
Windows 95--Going, going, gone

As of January, 2002, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 95 operating system. In September, 2002, Iowa State University will be dropping Windows 95 from its minimum support standards.

This means two important things:

1) Windows 95 machines with problems will only be supported at the most minimum levels (if you call the support hotline and we know the answer to your questions we’ll answer it).

2) If you have machines still running Windows 95, you need to upgrade (if the hardware meets the minimum standards for upgrading to Windows 2000) or purchase a new computer

If you have computers that are running Windows 95 and do not have problems, you can continue using them--they’ll still operate on the network, they’ll still run the programs they’re currently running. However, it’s important to be aware that they may not run new programs or upgrades to existing programs and that if they develop problems they will likely not be repairable.

Posted by dcoates at August 20, 2002 08:43 AM