August 16, 2002
Virus Detected and Cleaned

As mentioned in the April, 2002 issue of the CECS newsletter, Click-ON, ISU has installed a system that auto-scans incoming email for known viruses.

When a virus is detected, the system cleans it if possible and inserts 'Virus detected and cleaned' in the Subject of the mail message.

For example:

Virus detected and cleaned; was: W32.Elkern removal tools

When you see a message with this subject it means that someone tried to send you a virus, but it was detected and deleted before it got to your computer. Because of the nature of some current viruses, you may or may not be able to tell who sent you the infected email and the person the email is from may or may not be someone you've ever heard of.

Even with this additional virus scanning, you still need to have up-to-date VirusScan software running on your desktop.

Posted by dcoates at August 16, 2002 10:42 AM