July 29, 2002
Oh Bookmarks, Where Art Thou?

As time marches on and computers are replaced by newer models, more and more of Extension's staff are converting to using Internet Explorer instead of Netscape. Internet Explorer is the de facto Internet standard, if for no other reason than that more computer users use IE than any other browser in existence. Most webpages are written with IE in mind, and because of this, IE is compatible with the widest range of webpages.

In fact, most of us on Extension's Hotline use it, and we are more than willing to help you along on the conversion process.

Many Netscape users are reluctant to convert to IE for one very good reason:
They'll lose all their bookmarks!

Fear no more! There is now a very simple way to import all of your Netscape bookmarks into Internet Explorer. The following explains how:

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to File-->Import and Export. This will start the Import/Export wizard.
3) Click the 'Next' button. Make sure that "Import Favorites" is highlighted, and click 'Next' again.
4) If you have created your own profile in Netscape, choose that profile from the dropdown menu, and click 'Next'. If you haven't created a unique profile (or if you've never heard of a profile, for that matter), simply use "Netscape Navigator profile: default," and click 'Next'.
5) If you want to place your bookmarks in a special folder, choose that folder now. Otherwise, just click 'Next' and they will be put in the default folder (which we recommend).
6) Click 'Finish,' and you're done!

Things to Remember:
* Switching to IE is only an option, not a requirement. At this time, the Hotline supports both Netscape and IE.
* When you import your bookmarks into IE, they are NOT removed from Netscape. You will have your bookmarks in both places.
* If you add new bookmarks to Netscape, they are NOT automatically added to IE. However, if you re-import, they will show up.

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