July 24, 2002
Office XP, Extras, Errors, and YOU.

We've had several calls recently about an error in Office XP on Windows 2000 machines. It seems that XP doesn't pre-install some of its extras, such as templates, page borders, and so on. When trying to install these niceties, XP is giving users an error, saying it couldn't find the files, and they couldn't be installed.

The solution:

1) Log in to your computer as administrator.
(Remember to change 'Log onto' from IASTATE to (this computer)
2) Run Word, Excel, or whatever program was giving you the error.
3) Use the page border, template, whatever. that gave you the original error. XP will now install it.
4) Log out of the computer as administrator, and log back in as yourself.

Whatever you were wanting to use will now be installed, and will work properly.

Posted by at July 24, 2002 03:24 PM