July 23, 2002
New Laptops and LCD projectors

To hook your new Dell Latitude laptop to an LCD projector, you will need to connect the projector cable to the monitor port on the back of your laptop. Use the Function (Fn) key and the key labelled CRT/LCD to toggle between the laptop screen and the projector screen.

If you've done this, waited for the projector to warm up, and checked your LCD projector manual to see if you've connected the cable to the correct port on the projector, you may need to change the resolution of the laptop (older LCD projectors can't read the higher resolution output of newer laptops).

To change the resolution:

--If available, check the projector documentation for the maximum resolution of the projector (usually listed under specifications in the form 800x600, 1280x1024, etc)
--On the laptop, right-click on the desktop (not on an icon)
--From the menu, select Properties
--Select the Settings tab
--Under Screen Area, move the gauge along the scale from 'More' to 'Less'
--Click 'Apply' and (remembering to toggle the CRT/LCD option) check to see if you have an image
--Continue to adjust the resolution until it works
--When you're finished with the presentation, repeat the steps (except this time move from 'Less' to 'More') above to return your laptop to its former resolution

NOTE: Reducing the resolution will affect the appearance of the laptop screen. Older projectors with very low resolution capabilities may simply not work well with newer computers.

Posted by dcoates at July 23, 2002 04:41 PM