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Survey Results

Needs Assessment

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3. We are interested in your comments. What else do you believe ISU Extension should know about the needs of your community? Type your response in the box provided.
Respondent Number Response
1 If Extension could provide more field specialist to the area, they tend to be located more heavily in some areas of the state and leaving some areas with little field specialist support. Maybe there could more field specialist and fewer CEEDs, since the field specialist do the program delivery.
2 Dealing with large hog confinements and quality of life for citizens.
3 We need to find a way to make our town a place that 19-25 year old people want to live. Small town life is no fun for that age group.
4 I believe the family life field specialists could do a lot for the communities if they could assist in educating a community on balancing work, school, church and family. School, church, scouts, 4-H can all be scheduled on the same night. As an example, how can a community work together to have church on Monday, scouts on Tuesday, etc....
5 leadership development for volunteers and new citizens
6 I think the questions above covered it pretty well.
7 Have a booth at the fair telling of all the opportunities of your programs
8 Our community and Iowa is growing in the Hispanic population.
9 Reduction of environmental impact and improvement of economic and social equity are the primary issues of concern in all areas of Iowa's economy, and in particular in agriculture.
10 I think the majority of Iowan's are unaware of all of the services and information available through the extention office. I think it would be helpful if county extension offices were more visible in smaller communities and not just in county seats and at county fairs. Also, making people aware that the extension office offers services and information to people living in cities and towns, not just to those involved in agriculture.
11 support local foods; stop making county directors spend so much time fund-raising and let them do their jobs!
12 More workshops or series of workshops on financial issues: budgeting, saving, investing, etc
13 helping to keep youth in our community
14 More programs for immigrant communities
15 I would like to see the ISU Extension department more involved in providing opportunities for our youth to become involved in leadership training and problem solving.
16 Extension has been very helpful in the areas of economic development, value added agriculture, horticulture and 4-H development. I don't know why extension does not offer ISU classes at their offices over the web.
17 I'd like to see more on tree health and education on Iowa trees
18 That the dairy industry is a most vital resource in NE Iowa for economic development.
19 Is the housing affordable,and available.
20 Many of my peers (college students and recent graduates) would benefit from extension's information on handing "real life" challenges as we start out on our own -- nutrition, money management, support resources like the Concern line, stain tips, family issues, etc. However, we never hear about these awesome resources except for those of us who work/have worked for extension. Most extension users seem to be older Iowans and farmers; my generation of 20-somethings doesn't realize all that extension has to offer and so does not use these resources.
21 Our extension office provides vital support for our area. The extension workers are always very helpful.
22 Our local extension office does a wonderful job. They are always very helpful.
23 The community in general would greatly benefit if more people knew what different service agencies had to offer. The word just isn't getting out to everyone who can benefit from the services.
24 Iowa needs more talented teachers.
25 Need to help seniors 50 & over when down-sized or lost job, they are not eligible for SS yet and fall between the cracks. Very hard for them to get re-trained or fine pt to full time jobs.
26 Continue to educate. To keep communities informed about the lastest developments. Be timely in getting out the new information.
27 Help baby-boomers prepare for later life. Too little saved.
28 I believe that the community needs to know more about what the extention already offers and what they can already do for us. I know that many of the farmers in the area use the extention, but I don't farm, what do they offer me currently?? Where are they and how are they involved in our community??
29 Daily access to a local extension office and county agent are absolutely necessary, especially in small counties and communities.
30 Need to partner with Community Colleges on projects and education.
31 ISU Extension is very important to Iowa communities.
32 I would like to see assistance in the area of increasing diversity of opinion as well as understanding between those of different race, religion, and sexual orientation.
33 The community I live closest to seems to be their own worst enemy. They refuse to let new business opportunities develop because it is feared that a new business will be competition. I am also concerned about the county's largest employer closing down and moving to another country. There is also a big drug problem in the county and this employer does very little to assist its employees in fighting the problem. I am concerned about child safety in many ways and the lack of community involvement.
34 I have not accessed the ISU extension services for any reason however, I am familiar with the service.
35 this may sound like a silly request but my children just entered the 4h rabbit competion and i really wish that there was a program for those that were interested in just regular rabbits and not show rabbits...i mean pets.
36 Teach youth about money management. As part of parent education (a HUGE need), teach how to discipline appropriately and about child development.
37 I think ISU should get fresh fruits and veggies to older Iowan's - instead of always helping folks in other countries - many elderly folks are "starving" for food help and go without eating because they don't have funds to buy the right kind of food - it's way to expensive for their low income.
38 I don't feel that it is communicated in our area what is available to use from you that would be very good resources to use.
39 Encourage individuals to participate in programs to improvement themselves. How to take an active role in improving the State of Iowa. Educate individuals an the negative aspects of shopping at Sam's Club and Super Walmarts and how it hurts the local economy in small communities. What will be the delivery model to encourage people to participate in the education and training to make their communities stronger. Very few wish to particiapte in programs offerred by Extension which would improve their local communities. That will be your challenging task. Do people even know about the local extension office???
40 ISU Extension can continue to be active in community coalitions that promote violence prevention
41 i feel that more help should go to parents on fip and teach them skilled jobs, encourage school. help more with daycare so parents could work and have enough money to pay for their bills.
42 Materials and resources should be easier to find. If you don't understand Extension or the land grant system - many would not understand what resources are available.
43 Face to Face Education. There is overuse of the internet for training. More money for schooling and assistance as young as possible especially for disabled children
44 Our Extension Service needs to work closer with the public by providing more programs.
45 Empowerment needs to hook up with ISU for some common sense and direction.
46 It's helpful to have a place to phone for information about how things work, such as in nature/our yards, the products we buy. It's a lot of common sense stuff that people don't seem to know. You have real people, local, to talk to who know these things, and they're generally available to listen and make suggestions. You're invaluable. Thanks.
47 I am always surprised at how little Iowa State University experts (professors) participate in their own community (Ames).
48 I have found that getting informatoin from the extenions usually results in being asked for money. In the few times have wanted to make inquiries, I do not have the contact point to do so. For the extension to be of greater value it should be made moe avilable for the communities.
49 Families continue to be under great stress, both economic and time related. To me, improving mental and physical health of individuals, keeping the environment clean, and providing communities with great recreational and family support systems will help keep talented young Iowans in our state.
50 We are a diversified community. We need to help those Americans who have lived here all of their lives understand the backgrounds and social customs of the minorities moving into our lives.
52 I think there are communities that need the services more than Ames.
53 Keeping young people in our communities and not going to the BIG cities where pay is ususally higher.
54 help small towns like Garwin find ways to grow
55 The ones you listed seem very comprehensive.
56 I would like to see extension lead the movement for using local producers of agricultural products, in conjunction with various conservation practices. I would also like to see extension support local production of other products that are uniquely appropriate to Iowa. Iowa has unique qualities that I would like to see emphasized rather than overrun by development that mirrors that found on the coasts and in larger urban areas.
57 We love the gardening information and Master Gardener program, information on forestry and alternative land uses for marginal land, 4-H and the 4-H camp (attended a women's retreat there).
58 Help citizens learn to live "justice for all."Diffuse the polarity among people with varying ideas. Build listening skills. Foster an attitude of respect for others.
59 More recreational/social programs for teens
60 needs to understand demographics & why people choose to live in this community.
61 Assist community in understanding the diversity of populations that exist in the community and the many talents they offer.
62 Help young beginning farmers. To much help is given to large established farmers.
63 Need to emphasize land management when planning additions and land fills etc.
64 Early Childhood training and assisting minorities are the two most needed priorities in our counties.
65 Extension in Boone and the immediately surrounding area is hampered by ineffective and poor public information sources such as the newspapers which supposedly serve the area. But the work is extremely important and deserves all the attention it can get.
66 Susan Klein has done a wonderful job in leading the Healthy Polk Initiative and being an advocate for health, wellness and prevention in one of the state's most vulnerable counties.
67 Easy, accessible resource on all quality of life issues for Iowans.
68 How to be less consumption oriented
69 Ogden has a group called Citizens Helping Ogden Thrive or CHOT. I think they are in the best position to address the needs.
70 We have a great community..our extension is a great part of that.
71 It is important that County Extension Offices be maintained to provide access and personal contact with Extension staff and programs.
72 Information about the needs of older adults who want to remain in the workforce or want to enter the workforce would be important.
73 The master gardener program is a very beneficial program both to individuals in learning about horticulture but also to communities in the service hours that the trained master gardeners invest each year - please continue to support this program in Iowa.
74 There is such a need for the youth to have something enriching to do... esp the suburban kids... I was a 4Her in rural Iowa, and I see the skills I have and the lack of skills my suburbanite friends have, and i grieve for their lack. Can 4H programs be marketed to suburban kids so skills they desperately need can be taught?
75 Need more educational forums for information distribution on forestry/land mgt for small acreages, not just large land conservation programs.
76 ISU should also utilize the various professionals in the communites to add and enhance the programs they are implimenting such as a FACS professional, interior designer,a credit bureau,speciality farmer etc.and that would assist the economic development as well.
77 More positive and fun opportunities for teens is needed, especially summer programs.
78 I think schools are seeing more children with special needs due to drug use of parents during their pregnancies. More prenatal care is needed.
79 Opportunities for city youth especially young men with out a father in the home, to gain skills and knowledge in areas like welding, woodworking, automotive repair etc.
80 My community needs more commercial tax base, being close to Des Moines that is a very hard endeavor
81 Here in Ottumwa, there is a small group (namely my wife and I and a steering committee) trying to acheive many of the similair goals regarding youth and the development of a teen center. We have broad community support but the extension school could probably help and add necesary resources....
82 Whether the community has mostly retired or older Iowans makes a difference on the needs of the community for ISU Extension to find out.
83 Devise means to assist retail businesses to become a more cohesive group with a common goal of revitalizing "main street" Jefferson.
84 I based my answers on what I know is happening in Marshall Co. A great deal is being done for after school programs for youth by the school system, lots of leadership training is being done thru IA Valley, and MEDIC is a chamber group working on economic development. The community is now approx. 25% Hispanic. Some things are being dow such as a group called Latinos de Action coordinated by CCI but lots more needs to be done in terms of leadership, adapting to IA culture, etc.
85 I believe extension needs to provide more in depth training for these areas. Many times training seems no more than what one has heard or read many times before. Also deep need to how to get people to take advantage of the taining and education ISU extension would provide. If used properly, many of these should be rated a 5,but as in the case of value added for farm products,generally the coop is seen to take the value. Farmers don't see it. The community needs to see how all of the above would actually have a value for them that would be able to be measured.
86 As with many small Iowa communities, the local government puts too much energy in maintaining the status quo and not developing the base for the future. Many businesses have closed in the last 12 months with none to replace them. Instead of activly pursuing new industry, the community leasers are putting their energy into legislating resident ordinances. It would do ISU well to go to a few council meetings and here the petty issues being addressed as opposed to true leadership.
87 More emphasis on economic kinds of training
88 Economic development with rural emphasis. Seems that there is a great deal of emphasis for the "urban" ares.
89 Small business development, support and funding is needed in every small community. We have many people willing, but few, if any, resources for the small business owner on a small town square.
90 All these questions should have a comment box.
91 there is still a need for the traditional role in production agriculture
92 We need assistance in helping spur businesses to build in other communities besides centralizing in communities that serve as county seats.
93 We need an extension director with an ag background.
94 Assist local businesses in finding or developing a pool of part time unskilled laborers.
95 Personally, I would really to see a Master Canner's course come back again. I have talked with others across the country who have taken it and say it's a wonderful program. I really feel canning is still strong and is being passed down through the generations.
96 If you can find a way to involve the people who badly need these services (4,7,20,21,22)these would be great - just offering them doesn't seem to be enough. Perhaps involving them on planning teams would be a start - the challenge being how to identify and get them to come. Perhaps working with the social services agencies might be an identification source.
97 current needs and concerns of adults 60+ and will the concerns change/increase with the growing population of older adults
98 Communities thrive when there is local production of goods and services. Iowa is an agricultural treasure! Extension should Promote crops, livestock, and related industry! Extension should Work to correct damageing misinformation.
99 Creation of quality, reasonably well-paying jobs in rural areas is the most important thing needed. With jobs will come people, & with people will come other businesses, and school enrollment will be maintained to support schools. Job opportunities can be local or within a reasonable driving distance. Some towns that simply will never attract significant employment can instead focus on being a good bedroom town that provides quality housing & education.
100 we need more programs for women. especially fiance. things to know and do if a spouse dies
101 What more could we ask? ISU Extension is doing a great job. We just need to get more people in the community involved.
102 Need more jobs with pay that is comparable to working outside of our community.
103 Iowa has very diverse needs. What works for Polk County, doesn't necessarily work in Sac County. The needs of Northwest Iowa differ from those in Southeast Iowa. I would encourage ISU Extension to support local offices and Extension Boards. They know the needs of their communities the best. Dictating policy from Ames to all 100 Extension offices, sometimes doesn't "sit well" or apply to all counties. Many local Extension offices are a real source of information and support. Many people in the rural areas of Iowa still don't have access to / or refuse to use the Internet. The local Extension office serves as a very important resource to many people. Please don't consolidate any more programs/personnel. Too many Extension staff are covering too much territory and spending too much time on the road. As a long time 4-Her, former County Council member, former fair judge, I benefitted so much from the many talented Extension workers who taught and mentored me. I fear that many people who would be excellent Extension employees are now turned off by the long hours, travel and being spread too thinly. Extension is in for some changes in the next few years. My hope is that decision makers can see beyond Ames/Iowa State and make decisions that will be good for ALL Extension consituents.
104 Not only do we have the need for "prevention" programming for youth, we have the need for support for youth already considered at-risk (eg. pregnant/parenting, alcohol/tobacco use, involvement with law enforcement)
105 The more people know the more Iowa will grow.
106 How to interact and connect with other communities to compete in new ways in the global economy, making Iowa a unique and vibrant part of it.
107 Provide information on alteritel fuels and how to make use of them on the farm
108 Interaction of quality of life factors with economic well being. Help in evaluating this in the context of a sound environment.
109 Currently have big disagreement withing school board about needs relating to school facilities. City and county government law enforcement have split and are disagreeing on management, etc.
110 Encourage and help for entry into the Conservation Security Program.
111 The issues of life planning are critical - we must move beyond retirement planning to a system of life planning. Youth vs. Elders seems limiting and puts the issues in boxes. Youth need to be aware of and considering the process of aging, which is not a pathology, but requires careful consideration and planning for all stages of life.
112 1. The 4-H program in each county needs ISU Extension 4-H Youth Directors as professional staff to facilitate its programs. In other words, we need ISU Extension to supply our county with a professional or funds to hire a professional to work with the 4-H program. 2. We also need a County Extension Agent. 3. Extension needs to continue as a resource for people to learn accurate information about food, agriculture, health, safety, families, etc.
113 I think ISU should know what a wonderful place Dubuque is. Help our leaders to improve on the community services we have. Demand parenting, cleanliness,cooking financial classes for all on welfare.
114 Drug use prevention
115 Where will the consolidation in jobs/agriculture go?? What careers will be there for american workers to have balanced home/work life & earn living to raise a family
116 I became a wheelchair user 3 years ago at age 50. As my generation ages there will be many more like me. It would make sense whenever new construction of homes and businesses is being done to make wider doors, put automatic doors in and allow more parking for "us". My ramp comes out the passenger door and I need the wide spaces. I have been blocked in a few too many times. Enough but I think any planner should "wheel a mile" in my shoes.
117 Educate and train small Iowa communities to expand and build new housing developments. Many towns have no annexing or expansion plans. New housing is critical in many towns. Old homes are very difficult to get financed for young people. they are forced to live in larger towns just because of this. Small towns are dying because of this. Western Iowa must have four lane super high-ways into the Omaha and Sioux City huge labor markets. All Eastern Iowa labor markets have high speed 4lane hi-ways supporting the communities there. Western Iowa needs help!
118 Help us understand, appreciate, and continue the vibrant history of Iowa, its tradition of good, hard work ethic, values/morals, strong families/marriages, and the role of the Christian faith in Iowa's strength and success.
119 I think there is a lot of things Extension does for the community that no one knows about. And I think this envolves letting more people know about what they do offer.
120 ISU Extension needs to keep a presence in each county. Having a county office and a director available for the citizens is the most important part of this organization.
121 Many of the questions listed above are services already provided by other agencies and organizations. Is Extension looking for a new purpose in life? The communities need new ideas and support to put them in place.
122 Just a note -- I live in Greene County but work in Guthrie so my anwers were based more on my work area.
123 Find jobs for those that are forced off the farm or retiring.
124 Most communities in Iowa depend on a strong ag economy both directly & indirectly. Extensions support of agriculture is also supporting most communities in Iowa.
125 get moreindustry into the smaller towns so people come to live in the small towns and keep our schools going also, and raise the wages so people can afford to live comfortabely and get better medical insurance rates and medicines prieces lowered so people can afford to pay for the medical bills and also there medicines. there needs to be something done about all this. things just can not keep going higher and higher people will not be able to go to the doctors any more or afford medical insurance if something is not done about this immediately, also this part d program thats coming up for medical persons is not an affordable insurance for the people either over 65 now. something better must be offered.for every one and the amount people make needs to be rasised so they can get a discount too. this all need help very much.
126 We appreciate the ext. office. They do a great job.
127 having immigrants do everything that we have to do to obtain voting priveledges, drivers licenses etc...
128 Of all the problems in our local communities, I believe the biggest one is the disengagement of our people, the feeling that nothing will change and we will always be a poor county with no prospects for the future. We need committed people who will be leaders in our communities and I don't see that or hear of it from other people.
129 Keep to ag.
130 Provides valuable information and services -- the resources available at the office on a wide variety of topics is very helpful. Nutrition and plant information very helpful. Need to help community use their resources -- need to let people know what is there.
131 Knowledge of conservation and our environment and our responsibilty to wisely use and protect these resources.
132 Get the word out. Many people believe that ISU Extension is just 4-H and agriculture, I myself didn't realise that there was this much more to extension. I think that once people know that these services are available more and more will start using them.
133 Build on more team work/cooperation within all the clubs, community to work towards the common good of the entire county and/or state. Teamwork by combining clubs for a large community wide project (ie: spring/fall cleanup for elderly residents or known sick residents(illness or accident) of clubs local community to work towards a county reconition Club award(s) (trophy for Club and t-shirts for club members achievements) to be awarded during fair for the good of the community showing "4-H makes a Difference!"
134 Need for stronger non-profit leadership, need for governance skills and strong board/council members. For Extension to be strong ISU Extension management must be strong and consistent. Often there are mixed messages and conflicting information from one area like ag vs families; and from each administration dept like personnel vs finance.
135 I don't think we always see what extension is doing in our community. We need more resources.
136 prairie restoration as part of ecological health of state of Iowa. Help citizens who are not farmers with pets and companion animals.
137 When I go to the state fair, all I can think about is how badly Iowans are in need of assistance to get their weight and health under control! Your booth always has such intriguing helpful information. Find ways to get this more mainstream into each community!
138 If business are prosperous, several of the items listed will take care of themselves. We also need to help farmers find opportunities to boost income. How to cooperate with others in order to strengthen them and allow them to compete with the corporate farming. Hogs have went that way, I'm afraid everything else will also.
139 We appreciate all the help they give to the residents of Wayne County. A great Agency to work with.
140 Iowa is a great place to raise a family and get an education, anything you do in addition to that only makes it better. The people in the community should know where the Extension office is...most people don't know where it is.
141 Many of the questions above indicate at least a knowledge that local leaders in most small communities are not educated on economic issues. Generally they are elected to office because they were mad about something. The general population- voters and leaders must be shown the importance of proper planning and follow through. Voters must also know how to choose the correct leaders- not based on wanting to fire the Police Chief but on what is good for the community. Look as Missouri Valley as an example of terrible local leadership- leaders that have done nothing to grow or improve their community.
142 My biggest concern is making sure that services are coordinated with other state providers and not duplicated.
143 Provide information to help educate voters. Educate people on opportunites to work in Iowa.
144 To help find knowledgeable people to understand what needs to be done to manage and maintain towns infrastructure problems that are ignored and left for the next generation to fix. Almost every town in harrison county has infrastructure problems with no plans to fix them until they break.
145 Extension enriches the lives of the youth in our community
146 It would be great to provide some common-sense parenting classes like those offered to potential foster care/adoptive parents for all pre parenting people.
147 I really don't understand how these questions will affect anything in the state. If people don't know what ISU Extension is - how do they know to use it.
148 I feel that ISU Extension does not do much for the community. It seems it is a place to go to find information on gardening, food preparation and so on. I do not feel that the extension has helped in community or family needs that I have noticed.
149 While poor and disadvantages children and their families need supports, so do ALL children. Youth development opportunities for ALL is important to continue and increase.
150 My community is mostly retired and hispanic. so we are face with low income residences, noce with much energy or interest in improveing things. We need a fire lit under us!!!
151 4-H is important.
152 Kossuth Extension needs more financial support, as the community is against raising taxes for the benefit of youth programs. Kossuth is the largest county in Iowa (area, not population) and could use some support to reach those up by Minnesota and the outlying county areas.
153 I realize many of the above training opportunites have been avilable to our county through the local extension service, but I support the continued education in these areas. I especially support our economic development.
154 how to convince members of the city council to work together for the betterment of the whole community.
155 The Extension tries to make a positive impact on just about every aspect of life for Iowans. This is a very broad task. However, a person should be able to know that s/he can contact the office for information on *anything*. You are a first, knowledgable point of contact for anyone who needs anything. It's really amazing what you do, and that you can do it with such little funding and out of such a small office. I would like the Extension to have a more pronounced, visible, and spacious "home base". You deserve it and you need it.
156 plant safety for children, adults and pets
157 A small businessperson told me once that they can no longer hire a graduate of a two year program (at a salary which will allow them to retire their college loans) and still make a profit. Another small businessperson told me that local building contractors were having their workers wire homes as they built them. They were always there to pull the wires, just in time, so the rest of the crew could drywall. They no longer needed to wait for an electrician. Are these workers knowledgeable about the National Electrical Code? Probably not. Do these people have a long term investment in their work?????????? SOLUTION Apprenticeships coordinated and managed by Associated Building contractors in partnership with tradespeople. The IBEW and NECA already have apprenticeships! So what else is new? These apprenticeships are sponsored by the union and available only to unionized electrical contractors. The majority of work done in Iowa is and will continue to be done by non-union companies. So what does ABC get out of the deal? Another reason building contractors should join and promote ABC Greater productivity from workers when they wire Greater rural electrical safety, better knowledge of NEC. Greater interest in local careers which are not outsourceable to India. People who have knowledge of electricity and NEC right out of high school. Contractors, who can hire people at less salary, can build for less. Decrease in building costs spurs economic development that creates more jobs and greater need for construction projects. If Iowa is to move ahead, we need to be innovators. The community colleges are already training young people? Yes they are. Community colleges, because of the political environment in which they operate, are forced to require course work of electrical graduates which have little or nothing to do with electrical careers or the national electrical code. In the past we could easily afford to hire people who were “well rounded”. In today’s global marketplace well trained must replace well rounded. Just in time education is the only education our economy can still afford. If I hear nothing from you, I will know that the time for this idea is not right. Unless we have futurist involved who want the concept to succeed the status quo will not allow it. Most sincerely, John F. Nennig jnennig@indytel.com 319-334-2142
158 Wayne county - so few jobs in our town, (not from here originally, married a farmer) told several people have tried to rent some of the store fronts to start new businesses and owners have intentionally made rent to high to drive off new businesses. Population is mostly elderly. Need to bring in decent jobs for those of us with college degrees - hard to justify staying around or moving in for a $7.50 job with a college education. It's a great place to raise a family tho if you can afford it.....
159 ISU Extension can best provide to the needs of our communities by cooperating with other agencies, I'm afraid you will spread our resources to thinly and not accomplish the goals you set out to do.
160 One third of all the food in the world is dependant on pollination, and honeybees are the most efficient pollinators of all the insects and birds. Iowa used to have 250,000 bee hives in Iowa in 1958, and now we struggle to maintain 15,000 bee hives. The numbers of beekeepers has also greatly decreased. The Iowa Honey Producers have struggled for years to educate Iowans on the importance of honeybees within our economy for both pollination and honey reources. Beekeepers have struggled due to recent infestations of the tracheal mite, varroa mite and various diseases. We need ISU to help us with problem solving, pesticide and antibiotic application education/certification, budgeting issues, community ag asistance and educating the public and new beekeepers about options and organizing our businesses.
161 I think we need more people like John Holmes and Todd Vagts I find them to very important to my farm.
162 Professionally, I need continuing education courses for engineers that are affordable and available locally. The tuition and distance education fees are way too high to afford.
163 I could not answer some of the questions because they did not pertain to the the use of our school and ISU. I would like to say that the people that I have worked with for grants and healthy lifestyles have been a great support and are always very helpful and knowledgeable
164 Should pay attention to resource mapping and know what is being offered (may have to ask instead of guessing) and by whom before just writing grants and duplicating services.
165 MORE JOBS and come up with ways for poor families to get an education and a decent paying job so they can get off welfare.
166 They have helped provide training for our staff on computers at a reasonable fee,Also helped provide staff with other early cbhildhood training.
167 City govt. budget cuts have caused the library and art museum to cut programs and hours - city leaders need to be educated about culture and quality of life issues. Historic structures are being demolished rather than being recycled - I think Extension could do more in the areas of reuse & recycle when it comes to things as small as a water bottle (no five-cent refund) or as large as a 3-story building.
168 Our community appears to have a lower economic status than most of the surrounding areas and I believe it would benefit employers and business owners to have training in economic diversity so they can better serve the citizens.
169 I believe that the ISU extension office needs to be able to find out what other agencies are doing in the community and co-ordinate with them versus doing what they are currently doing and walking on the other agencies' toes. I think the extension office tries to take on too much and may need to look at specifically focusing on one or two things. Example: do 4H, let substance abuse agencies take care of education on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.
170 What suggestions can you make or what can you do to help us re-open a grocery store in our town. (Swea City)
171 Extension service is doing an excellent job with agriculture. Joel DeJong is highly regarded in this area and is a very useful tool for producers to use. Keep up the wonderful support.
172 Protecting children from sexual predators and education about meth and other drugs. We seem to have a lot of young people using meth ages 15-35. Alot of young women are using for weight loss.
173 That there is a wide variety of diversity in my community. Not just ethnic diversity, but also religious and socio-economic.
174 na
175 I live in a small community. The Extension Service should notify very small Iowa towns of their services as they are most in need of those services.(Perhaps they already do and I am not aware of it.) I have received excellent help in child care from the Extension rep in our area.
176 The 30 questions are all very important - as I have indicated. My employer is Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging. The elderly have many needs relating to health - nutrition, exercise, mental health, finances, help staying in their homes, caregiver needs. Our elderly population is growing and so too the services necessary to help them.
177 Assist agencies (e.g., Easter Seals) in locating activities and work for Iowans with disabilities such as mental retardation.
178 we have a high percentage of Laotian residents as well as Mexican residents and i think the rest of us need some education in what their cultures are like and what different expectations they have, i.e. what lack of eye contact means could be very different than what our cuture may see it as meaning -- that sort of thing. also, I think the other cultures that move to our communities need help figuring out how their culture can integrate within the US, keeping the integrity of their culture but now living in the US and specifically our rural Iowa communities and the norms of those communities.
179 I would like to see a chart of students who have graduated and where they are now? Are they in Iowa or some other state?
180 Work with small farm and acreage owners to manage their crops and livestock better.
181 The community needs increased availability for mental health and substance abuse treatment. The community also needs additional options for parents who need help in learning how to better parent their children
182 We have lost a large percentage of our population. Extension should continue to help communities with economic development.
183 Continue to support family oriented programs that improve our communities and make better citizens.
184 Considering 1 in 4 Americans are caring for someone over age 60, I think additional resources should be directed to aiding Iowa's families. Also, assistance with locating grandparents that are caring for a dependent child,would be of value.
185 Focus mainly on youth. They are the future-not the older generation.
186 Bicycle safety is an issue. A lot of people ride their bicycles in town, but bicycles don't have a designated area and have to be on the streets with vehicles, who can't or don't always see them. Both for individual health and environmental health, I think bicycle riding should be encouraged. Currently, it's dangerous to follow the law and bicycle on the road with cars.
187 Provide programs to help persons on welfare acquire skills so they can get jobs and be more self sufficient. Just as important to help them find employment--maybe partner with businesses to help them get first job, etc. Our system doesn't actively encourage this or help people enough --too easy for them to just stay on welfare & it becomes their lifestyle or standard, too discouraging for them to grow & make it on own.
188 College bound teens and credit cards. Training on using credit wisely is essential since the teens are getting credit card offers in the mail.
189 I think with the economy as it is, Extension needs to be careful to not duplicate services provided by other agencies. This is not cost or time effective. Working with youth seems to be very effective, and adult programs to help with finances and health are good, but many other areas are served by other entities and should not be duplicated.
190 More support for the 4-H program in Iowa.
191 Recently I viewed 'The Open Road America Looks at Aging' on Iowa Public Television and found it quite interesting and perhaps an opportunity for retired individuals as they enter this phase of their life. I believe Iowa needs to be on the cutting edge to utilize/benefit from the volunteer efforts of the baby boomer generation and believe Extension can facilitate this opportunity.
192 How do small farmers make a profit with low grain prices, high input costs? How do you afford to buy land?
193 Jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs
194 Need to achieve diversity in the type(s)of industry located here. Need to fully integrate the Latino population into the community.
195 Our community really needs more opportunities for building family relationships. If we want to fix what is wrong with this country, we need to fix the family first.
196 Improved housing is needed in all comunities in the area.
197 It seems to me that training and education in all of these areas are worthy goals. An important question that may appear later in the survey is "Who or what institutions can/should deliver these/" And another is how to reach those who might best be served?
198 We have a large industrial base for the town of our size. We also have farming within our county. How do we meet the needs of both would be a good place to start.
199 Agriculture research, extension, and information is Iowa through ISU has dropped to an almost embarrassing level - we aren't a lot more focused on agriculture today than U of Kentucky; however, it is not too late to change the current trend. We don't need any more social programs from Ames. Stop focusing on inner city issue - we have a host of government programs for these needs. Focus resources on improving agriculture through research, developing emerging technologies, and helping ensure the livestock industry remains strong in this state. I hope my taxes go to support the original mission of the land grant charter - rural education and research. Please make changes that will allow us to be proud of ISU recapturing it’s leadership role in agriculture.
200 ISU extension needs to be readily accessible to everyone. Not everyone knows of your services. An ad campaign would bring recognition to the general public about the help you have available.
201 more youth oriented work
202 Extension should NOW use their expertise and publicity abilities to talk about ethanol. There is so much. The SAAB that gets equal milage whether running ethanol or gas but has more power. The Minnesota research into ethanol and fuel cells. The old oil company myths need a good airing - more energy to produce than received, cars not built for it, etc. We need some E85 stations that are economically successful. People should be buying ethanol cars instead of hybrids. You might even tell farmers that letting Brazil import ethanol into the US is fine. The market is large, let's build an ethanol economy. A larger supply would stimulate the market. Wind energy is another useful topic crying for Extension research and education. I am not sure that hooking windmills to the electric grid is all that great, but they could sure be used to produce hydrogen. In producing hydrogen, the intermittent character of wind energy would matter less - make little difference in fact. General Motors expects to have a hydrogen car on the market in 5 years. Iowa farmers need to be ready to supplly hydrogen either through wind or ethanol conversion to hydrogen as the car drives down the road through the use of a catalyst or something.
203 Iowans and Americans continue to need education and information on participating in government and what individuals can do for our democracy to work.
204 Grinnell needs help in the downtown area or it will die. It needs to come up with a catchy theme or group of retail markets to draw people from other communities. Also the area as well as the State needs to realize this is a great agricultural State...there are numerous kids and young adults that would love to continue that tradition...there needs to be opportunities for people to continue being independent farmers and less of the huge coporate farming. I am very discouraged by the amount of time wasted in the Des Moines Register lately talking about creating more "Recreational Lands" which only means less "Agricultural Lands"...people need to be educated that we still need Agriculture and there needs to be more opportunity for people to make a good living in agriculture.
205 doing good
206 Regarding 12. above...but not illegal aliens! Help create new and additional industry for existing resources. (ex..wind). Help establish additional processing, etc. for existing products.
207 Quality health care at a reasonable cost.
208 Improve Attitudes of politicians and aging farmers to help young farmers or beginning farmers to get started in agriculture. Someone helped them get started, don't let all the govt. funding go to anymore buffer strips that could be hay or pasture land that beginning farmers could rent at considerably less than $150/A. paid by govt. it still would be environmentally friendly and good for communities.
209 Teach English to spanish-speeakig people get rid of our welfare mentality teach our young people that physical labor is not bad and not everyone needs a college education
210 Have not observed many of these so cannot evaluate
211 ISU extention employees should spend more time volunteering in established community groups - chamber of commerce, united ways, etc and support programs with similar goals rather than always developing their own programs.
212 ISU Extension has always been a very usefull educational tool that I have used many times in the last 12 years.
213 We question the extension services ability to be recognized as a useful resource by community and business leaders. Politics and special interests seem to dominate comunity decision making.
214 Expand the services for more adult topics
215 have an informational session(s) to better inform the community what they do offer
216 Building successful collaborations
217 I think it is important that ISU determine what other entites are already providing training and expertise in some of these areas locally instead of duplicating training and services that already exist.
218 From what I see, they do what they can. I'm not sure of everything they are involved in though. But what I've seen has been good. Thank you.
219 Due to state cutbacks ISU struggles to maintain a place in each of Iowa's counties. Legislature for State funds needs to continue to be a focus.
220 Continue to use new ways to reach families. Not all families are reached with mail, internet, radio, etc. Innovative ways to get families info regarding programs and opportunities are always needed!
221 Concentrate on leadership, business training, and ways to make available affordable housing.
222 Work with schools to raise the level of required classwork and homework so that graduates have more skills to function in our society. Help teachers show students how to apply all educational requirements in their daily lives so that students understand why they need to study,learn, and stay in school. As an employer, I find it very disappointing to see how many young people can't read well, understand or follow directions, can't do simple arithmatic, have no sense of responsibility to do a good job much less show dependability (show up when scheduled to work). Can you help teachers to develop a life skills class that stresses the above points? PLEASE!
223 Re: Survey. While it is hard to say that any of the above could possibly be "bad" things to do ... it does not seem to be informative enough to just check "5". Greene County Extension has a knowledgable staff - and they do great outreach!! The ISU Extension staff has been so supportive, this survey does not begin to address the support for value added ag. I could go on and on, but the seven minutes for this survey does not seem to me in any way allow you to know how your extension is helping the public in Greene County. I'd be happy to talk to you in person or via email. Chris Henning chhhc@netins.net
224 keep up the great work.
225 After school affordable care in Bettendorf Public schools is needed a lot!!
226 Yes
227 There is currently no childcare available for children with disabilities. Many of these children have needs which go beyond the typical daycare setting, and as they get older, they continue to need daycare services during the summer, snow days, long holidays when parents have to work, etc. Many parents struggle to find someone who is trained and willing to care for their children. An example is a 10 yr.old with mild mental retardation and autism who occasionally has aggressive behaviors toward self and/or others. Or a child who has medical needs ie:wheelchair, feeding tubes, etc. These children may access the MR or Ill and Handicapped Waiver programs, but there is not a child care component to these services. Respite cannot be used when the parent is working, so the parent has to take time off from work, and risks losing their job.
228 helping families to be financialy and socialy stable both internaly and externaly is core; everything else addresses symptoms.
229 Transportation is a key issue for people who are poor, immigrants, elderly, etc. to get to health care and other needs. Your survey questions above cover a lot of needs--I had no idea Extension dealt with so many and such varied areas.
230 There may be programs or opportunities already available in communities for some of these topic areas. May be able to partner with existing programs to strengthen existing resources.
231 We need more things in the community for children after school and on the weekends to do. The skatepark and the swimming pool are the only things for kids to do. The pool is great for the summer months. The skatepark never has over 4 kids using it on a routine basis. Something for children of all ages with their families to do would be great!! Good Luck!!
232 How extension can reach people from other cultures and back grounds, and expand their wonderfull services to people that came from anther countries.
233 One needs to research why businesses don't want to come into a community so they can change it to accomodate them to create jobs.
234 To learn more about the community, Extension should work closely with tourism, economic development, and other county entities.
235 I think the child care and family development that Extension provides is critical as it is not available from other resources. Families our so critical to our future we need to work to strenghten them!!
236 Oral health needs of the community, access to care for low income citizens,
237 ISU could help people to be aware of dangers in their environment in their communities.......such as, plant emissions that are potentially harmful, ground water issues, large confinement businesses and their hazards, etc
238 I really like the children and youth opportuities that ISU offers, however I think ISU needs to get out of their box when it comes to agriculture.Help the farmer to learn how to get back to basic land management and increase yields without buying into the "paid for" ISU information.
239 Great for ag and the community.
240 I think ISU does a great job :)
241 ethical relationships with animals
242 We work with a growing number of Hispanic immigrants who need to learn how to navigate our medical, social service, and financial systems. The sessions with Mark Grey have been good and useful. Affordable preschool for all children is another need of the community. Early prenatal care for all mothers--insured or not--is also a need.
243 That we need more program facilitators that are minorities and bilingual
244 develop gambling education brochure.
245 Focus on the children!
246 The isu extension needs to get out more in other areas besides children and in the schools. Everything that I marked as 1 are areas that nothing is done in this area. It needs to get out and be seen more. I work for major business in this area, never have a seen them around. You may want to take a look at those that run the programs in the areas besides youth and evaluate if they are truly do their jobs. Nothing is ever seen in the communtiy regarding these. You pay them good money and are suppose to get out. You see the Youth field specialists out and strong in the 4-H programs and in schools, you dont see any of the others anywhere.
247 assist in non-agricultural business oportunities
248 We Currently have very little programming based out of or ran through our county extension office, we don't even have an opportunity to get our pressure gauges checked. I don't understand why we haven't been offered equal opportunities as other counties have been offered. At this time I do not believe Extension to be a good value for the $170,000 plus of tax dollars going toward the non-existant programming. The perception in my county is that ISU Extension is politically motivated enough that nothing will be done to improve the 'good ole boy' system!
249 Ways to help Hispanics assimulate into this curture.
250 Our community is blessed to have an excellent 4-H Youth Development program, and I feel that it should be fully funded so that it can continue its excellent work.
251 Needs of our community: character education, get rid of bullying in the schools, help with suicide (especially for teen males through their 20's) prevention.
252 I would like researched based information on many of the above items to be easily accessable on the internet.
253 Economic/environmental interactions
254 Have been very helpful staying up with the regulations of swine industry and making decicions for the future. thanks
255 ISU Extension needs to continue a CEED presence in every county.
256 I believe the youth programs are extremely important. If we don't get youth excited about Iowa (especially rural Iowa), then it will be hard to get them to stay here as adults.
257 ISU extension does not need to help give a competitive advantage to dutch immigrant dairy farmers over US born young dairy farmers, like myself.
258 As a coop manager, I see more to extension than just the ag, but ag is my main focus. I hear dozens of very positive comments about my county extension agent, he is very helpful, and even more about Clark McGraff, the agronomist, and the training and agronomic expertise he shares. Cattlemen also speak highly of the extension livestock man from Oakland. I would have to say that in our area, at least in ag, ISU is seen as very strong, very effective, and willing to ask questions and offer help.
259 Can't think of any.
260 Hog production is a fact of life and a benefit to the economy of Iowa. People not directly involved in hog production need to understand more about modern hog production in order to counter the newspaper induced bias that it is a blight on the state. Positive pr for pork producers would help reduce community tensions. I put a high value on the teaching of parenting skills. There are so many children raised in broken homes, from families with multiple, ineffective parents. I think the young people can see there are better family situations than those they have survived, but they have no mentors, no examples to follow to learn how to have successful marriages and families. Raising children may be the most important task we have on this earth and the skills to make us successful are never taught -- we must rely on our experiences, which may or may not have been positive.
261 ISU can help enable family farmers and family businesses in entrepreurial pursuits.
262 if you can do these thrity things your doing enough.
263 I feel that Extension could be of great assistance in helping our smaller rural communities determine what would attract people to move to these communities, then help the towns develop plans and stratagies to implement these plans.
264 I have/had very limited knowledge of what was provided through the extension
265 It would be beneficial for our community to develop programming for young adults to help them transition from the support of the school to real life situations. This could include job training, skill development, and/or community involvement nad support. We see a cycle of young adults who end up in the same habits of their parents and end up having children of their own at an early age who also fall in to a lifestyle including dependence on habits including substance abuse, financial assistance from government agencies, and unemployment. The age group of 18-25 year olds is critical, as they are expected to take on adult responsibilities, but have not yet developed all of the skills that are needed.
266 Help the imigrant communities become a part of the whole community.
267 There are millions of grant funds--teach people where to find them and how to write them.
268 The categories I raged as "1" are because I believe they are already being provided by others. I did this to express my concern that any programs you develop are not duplicative of what others are doing.
269 Expand services to urban areas.
270 Looking at the original mission of Extension and comparing it to what takes place in a typical county office is cause for head-shaking. In rural Iowa, livestock and crop agriculture is the key to wealth creation. Feely-touchy meetings about poverty or child care do not meet the mission. Most of Exetnsion's resources have been directed to the irrelevant topics, making Extension itself irrelevant. I think it's important you know that movers and shakers in most communities do not reply on Extension for anything anymore.
271 I think we should add more consumer horticulture information and staff. This is a gap in the Extension system. We need to figure out how to get information to people who don't come to meetings and may not have access to the internet. Parenting classes are needed, but it's hard to get people to attend meetings.
272 In order to provide the types of services that our communities need, I believe ISUE needs to take a look from outside in to restructure its programs and staffing. Doing business the same way it was done inthe 70's appears to be the norm for ISUE, and I would hate to our land grant institution be nothing but on the cutting edge. Thanks
273 I didn't answer any of these questions because I'm just not sure what all the ISU Extension service does. I used it years ago when I had a million gardening etc. questions.
274 I think ISU has good programs but I do not think that the community as a whole knows all the things they have to offer. There needs to be a way to have more people know about them.
275 I believe that ISU Extension has the ability to be very helpful to developing communities, but these communities must be aware that the resources are there and USE them and believe what the Extension has to say.
276 Which of the above thirty items wouldn't be useful to any communities in Iowa?
277 Youth need assistance with life skills
278 Many organizations are working on many of the objectives listed in this survey. ISU Extension needs to not duplicate their efforts, but find a niche to focus on.
279 how to find grant money, matching funds, tax credits, etc.
280 There are private consultants and businesses that help communities with their strategies and growth efforts. Please don't compete with them. I am one of them!
281 We are growing more in housing than in farming. I believe that #29 is very important to Iowa. The Extension Service I deal with seems very knowlegeable and will provide me with whatever information I need or a contact. Extension Services are a big help in today's quickly changing and busy world.
282 My community is in dire need of revitalization and a strategic 5 and 10 year plan for development and growth. The need is to rally every citizen to the cause of thinking beyond tomorrow. We must focus on the common good to grow entreprenuers and small businesses and actively work together to promote our community. The old mindset of the status quo and that a single corporation can sustain our economy must be re-educated to seek expansion starting at the grass roots level and building. I worry that once my community slips under the 3,000 population mark, we will soon find we are nothing but a zipcode.
283 If there is any way they could educate the general public about the meth epidemic happening in the southern parts of Iowa.
284 Presently working with community development in suburban setting. Find ourselves going to Chicago to work with former ISU grad on Conservation Design/Smart Growth issues. Any of these capacities available through ISU? Would be great if they were/are/can be.
285 I am very grateful for the services provided by ISU extension. They are an invaluable asset and contribute greatly to our overall quality of life here in Iowa.
286 Stop trying to be all things to all people. Many of the items in question 2 are best addressed by others. Do what you do best.
287 Be more visible - try to attract a wider audience - many Extension programs result in 'preaching to the choir' and don't receive wider demographic acceptance. Keep up the good work.
288 Advetise more, so the community knows the information is out there.
289 The Woodbury County extension is a great community partner to the Community Action Agency of Siouxland Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. They provide many resources for us.
290 I can't answer this because I am not aware of their services
291 The needs peculiar to non-English speaking families.
292 Recent 4-lane highway development has "gone around" small SE Iowa towns, destroying existing businesses and impairing the development of new ones. ISU extension should focus on business development in these communities.
293 The question is worded "would be". I answered in my opinion how it COULD be. The problem in many areas is letting people know that the help is available for them.
294 I am not relly up on everything they do now.
295 I think all areas are available to the general public it's just that the public doesn't know they can get information that would be useful to the community. Our local area paper the Globe Gazette, Mason City, does not routinely carry information for the Cerro Gordo office. They put other county's information in the paper before the local county's extension. Most people also can access the web themselves to find answers.
296 Assist college-bound students in finding ways to financially afford college. Iowa can't expect college students to stay here if they leave college with $40,000 in school loans and can't find good paying jobs. It doesn't help Iowa's economy if graduates can't afford to spend money because they are so saddled with debt.
297 A geater presence of Extension Staff at the local level (county offices).
298 I am well acquainted with some of ISU Extension offerings but not so knowledgable re. others. Our (urban) community needs worthwhile learning, recreational, and work opportunities for youth.
299 If in #29 'land use' relates to the woeful lack of crop and livestock divirsification, then programs that help to shift the Iowa countryside back toward more diversified crop rotations and livestock enterprises should be a very important priority that would enhance many of the other 'family, community, environmental, etc. aspects of ISU Extensions programming.
300 I think ISU extension should be involved in helping Iowans to become educated about/use more conservation minded practices. We are largely agricultural in this state, and the sustainability of that practice needs attention so that Iowa can continue to prosper.
301 i think there are a lot of rural residents that are not aware of everything available at Extension.
302 They probably should do more newspaper articles, perhaps a quarterly newsletter to provide greater visibility relative to what resources are available. I may not be a very good judge of what all they do but I have some idea in some areas of their involvement. Letting citizens know more completely what all the programs are would probably create greater awareness and more utilization of the Extension Office as a resource.
303 Frankly, as an ISU alum, it offends me when ISU Extension steps into communities doing consulting work that those towns would hire my firm to do. Why do I constantly have to be in competition for work that my alma mater educated me to do to provide income to keep me and my business viable?
304 I don't think it is appropriate for Extension to get involved in Quality Child Care, Care for the frail elderly, or supporting families in poverty. There are other programs addressing those issues, so Extension would be wasting time and money by duplicating services.
305 None. ISU Extension is a valuable partner to schools.
306 Emergency and Disaster Planning
307 Extension needs to remain proactive in keeping the public informed in regards to the services it provides, sometimes the city dwellers thing it's only Ag related issues, but my experience has been extension has so much to offer the general public at a very reasonable value.
308 Keeping our youth living in the small towns after them complete their much needed education. Small towns are very good for children to grow up in.
309 Wouldn't most anybody answer 5 to all of the questions above? Who would argue with any of the above?
310 Partner with other states about issues that affect like problems.
311 Child care issues when parents commute long distances to work. Aging farmers still living on the farm need health and safety information to stay in isolated homes in the country as long as possible.
312 There is an extreme need for dentists who accept t-19 patients. There is also a great need for a larger mental health instituite.
313 Help people plan for retirement
314 mostly elderly and low income
315 How to get a physician to want to work in rural Iowa.
316 Families facing poverty have many barriers that keep them stuck on welfare: transportation, affordable quality childcare for all shifts, a higher minimum wage, affordable housing, clothes, legal services, domestic abuse and substance abuse issues, mental health problems, education, informal support services, and formal support systems, community resources, poor public transportation system, lack of parenting skills, and the list goes on. Without addressing all their barriers, they will never be able to leave the welfare system successfully.
317 ISU extensiion is awesome...
318 Housing is a major issue in Linn County. There is not enough affordable housing available to low income families. It is difficult to work on other important issues such as parenting, education, nutrition, employment, etc when families do not have a roof over their head. The more organizations involved in the housing issue, the more likely it will be dealt with.
319 My intuition is that ISU Extension has lots of opportunities but most of them being for the big business person. I also think that not enough information is being made to the general public about the opportunies that are available. Advertise Advertise Advertise!!!!!!!!!!
320 That there are WHITE people that need support and assistance. There needs to be another CHILD CARE CENTER in Storm Lake-preferably located towards the west end of town and one that would also have staffing for children that need a little "extra" such as ADHD, etc. Expand on what we already have in town, but we need a Kohl's or Penney's, and SOMETHING BESIDES WALMART. On issuses such as AWAYSIS, BOTH sides need to be farily represented in advertising, soliticing, etc so people understand better the pro/cons.
321 Stop dangerous illegal drug useage & alcohol abuse. Everyone is so dead-set against smoking but chooses to ignore alcohol abuse. 85% of all boating & motor vehicle fatalities are alcohol related. Driving down the road smoking doesn't cause motor vehicle accidents but drinking does. Society is screaming about the health cost of smoking but choosing to turn their heads about the health care cost of alcohol & other drug useage. HELP! fight drugs & alcohol & decrease crime in our communities / state.
322 I think its great!!!
323 Our extension agent has worked to help find funding sources for projects, and I think this is important, especially for those who don't know there may be sources available. (grants)
324 the great diversity in population and cultures might be a big asset if researched for ways to intermingle them
325 We need to teach basic life skills -go to work everyday, be a team player, be prepared to competer globally not just locally, and understand the drive for continuous improvement.
326 There are agencies already in my community doing those things I rated low< I don't see how the extension could add to those areas.
327 Help urban youth understand and appreciate the importance of agriculture and help rural youth understand the unique challenges faced by urban youth. Having grown up on a family farm, now raising my family in the city, I see a huge "disconnect" between the two groups of youth.
328 Could you work with county services that are trying to write a grant for nutritional problems concerning obesity in the elderly and the young? Dawn Beaver is our local contact at 641-828-2238 or 828-6070.
329 Helping the entire community adjust to the boom in diversity would be very helpful to our community.
330 They should partner with more agencies to avoid duplication of services.
331 We don't use ISU Extension enough.
332 Early childhood initiatives are needed, assistance to schools.
333 They do a great job helping us farmers. We need them.
334 we need more bilingual (Spanish/English)professionals.
335 Provide parenting sessions for adolescents. There is a great demand for these types of services and there are not any in the local area unless court ordered and these are paid for by the State and not open to the general public.
336 Cedar Rapids needs opportunities and encouragement to engage its citizens in civic discourse. Too much of the polarizing attack politics at the national level is influencing the ways we discuss and disagree on city issues. Maybe Extension Services can help communities value and cultivate dialogue with residents and other stakeholders.
337 Continue being involved in the community - you are an excellent resource.
338 Do some research of communities to find out what resources are currently in that community before adding new programs. This would stop duplication of services and bring about a more collaborative environment.
339 There is a huge problem in our country of overweight people. Although the government has done some things and the Extension has done quite a bit, I think the government needs to go to the county level to make a diffference. I really believe a time has come for the local extension office to be staffed with a family and consumer science professional that can deliver healthly eating programs in every county in this country. Years ago this approach to solving large problems was very effective. Although there is a lot of information availalbe to people about nutrition and diet, we need a real hands on approach to turn the trend around. I think the taxpayers dollars would be very well spent with this approach. The long-term effects (costs) of poor health resulting from obesity are something we need to prevent now. Another problem in Iowa is the lack of qualified teachers in the family and consumer science profession. I think the state needs to conduct a very active campaign in our schools to promote this are to young people. Maybe there even needs to be some incentives for young people to enter this profession. Many people in our county are questioning what the value of Extension is at all. They see many private and public companies able to offer many of the same services Extension offers. Somehow, Extension needs to prove its value to the country before it completely disappears. I think this would be a very big loss to our country. You need to conduct a state/national-level promotional campaign to educate all Americans on the value that Extension brings to our country.
340 I have directed poeple to the resources that you can obtain from the extention. I think more advertising regarding what the extention can do for individuals would be helpful.
341 ISU is a vaulable link between agribulture and urban societies. The service assists urban dwellers with better understanding agricultural needs and concerns and vice-versa. It was an invaluable resource during the farm crisis in the 80's and now continues to be a valuable resource to assist farmers/ranchers with trying new products and seeking new outlets for their products. The service is a vital link for our young school age children to explore the opportunities in agriculture.
342 What ever is decided upon, do not duplicate services already being provided. More ICN educational sessions. On going Parenting workshops on discipline, recognizing drug use by your child, parenting with courage and strength, drug exposed children,
343 The cost have gotten to be too much for low income individuals. Perhaps scholarships or grants could be offered.
344 We have an obese, inactive, blue collar community. The local schools just cut PE hours in the last few years. We need to expand the role of the extension home economist.
346 I think ISU Extension needs to take a long, hard look at the field specialist position and see how viable they are to the counties they serve. Also, the area directors serve what purpose?? Close down the area offices and you can save a great deal of money. This is one middle man position that could be eliminated!
347 I think many of the areas of interest above are best left to other government and business organizations. Should Extension try to be all things to all people or concentrate on a few areas and do them well?
348 ISU is the best way to transfer research knowledge to Iowans.
349 Nothing else comes to mind.
350 Finding the need first, then directly addressing it seems more profitable than deciding what program to offer then trying to find people to attend. So often, when done that way, Extension is competing with other organizations to provide the same educational experience.
351 Develop stratigies to assist in the development of alternative crops agriculture including production, marketing and value-added processing. This should be done as an economic development project.
352 Many program are available but hard to access. We need more PEOPLE reaching out to PEOPLE. The work force is not big enough to manage the needs seen - daily!
353 I had the opportunity to attend one of Mike White's workshops this summer on grape production in Iowa. It was very helpful for me.
354 how to keep the local mom and pop stores in business vs the discount places (WalMart) that are taking over our small IA towns. Why so many super WalMarts within a short distance of each other? Illegal drugs are wrecking rural Iowa. More education about this in our schools, in 4-H, to youth Practical ways to implement the new Food guidelines, Pyramid
355 Empower citizens of Iowa communities to get more involved in shaping the direction of their community.
356 can't think of anything
357 opportunities are there but not always accessible to all people.
363 I have often thought about attending several classes but the times offered and the thought that I would be the only 20-something year old didn't sound appealing so I haven't taken advantage of it. I would love photograpy, flower/landscaping classes type classes among others. Basically the classes that I didn't have time to take in high school or college would be cool.
364 The damage that can be done by urbansprawl. Not only taking farm groung out of production, but losing next generation farmers. We must educate current land owners about how important keeping rural america, rural america.
365 I am most concerned about the quality of child care in our state and support for families where both parents are working. Also, for supports to rural communities that are struggling to survive.
366 All of the items above are of importance to communities and to Iowa families; however, other entities -- in some cases -- are more experienced and better equipped to handle the problem. ISU Extension, in my opinion, should deliver services in which its staff is most proficient.
367 I believe economic development in rural areas (small towns and cities), including value added ag, is vital to the survival of rural Iowa. The large (population) cities and counties should have the tax base to support their own efforts. But the smaller towns and counties need support.
368 I have found the ISU Extension programs that I have been attended to be very helpful, supportive and well presented. I have no knowledge of some of the questions in the survey. Our community is working to become more knowledgeable of the diversity here and finding ways to work together to utilize the special contributions we all can make to better Muscatine. The ISU Extension service has served the community well in the past and I'm sure they will continue to work to meet the needs of Iowans.
369 With the rapid expansion along the I-380 corridor, more planning and erosion/ecological studies could insure a environment of residential, commercial development with the preservation of green spaces and ecological niches that will provide for human habitation.
370 Our communities need to be more aware of the cultural and social changes that are taking place and be better prepared to respond to those changes. We need increased awareness of the social needs of those who are econmically disfranchised. But in the process of increasing awareness, we need to be cautious of loosing a strong character and value base.
371 We need more good paying jobs. There are lots of jobs around here, but most of them pay poverty wages.
372 Not sure if this is an ISU future venture or not. I see the need of a city's board of supervisors to not be afraid of welcoming new businesses to their city.
373 Most of what we see in our area has to do with agriculture and 4-H. Some of the other programs are available elsewhere, and may be here, but I am not aware of them.
374 I live in an urban area and I feel the people here need to be educated on what they are ruining by putting a building on every piece of green earth we have. Do they even have any concept that we feed the world?
375 I am only know the extension office through 4-H activities. I am not a farmer and work as a delivery driver. So I may not be the best person at doing this survey. 4-H has educated my child about day to day living, and being involved in the community activities.
376 Extension should take charge of their educational activities and work within the framework of Iowian's opportunities for a better Iowa. Education through Iowa State University should focus on the individual and more on group-making skills in teh community. Extension should show ferarless leadership in education to survive the changes in society. State Extension leaders should support strong agricultural and home needs for families.
377 I use ISU Extension primarily for 4-H so I was some what neutral on many questions just because of my use of the services. I believe Jones County is in need of an Area Youth Specialist because the Southeast Area and Jones County is lacking in overall above county level participation in the beneficial programs available. The Area Youth Coordinator would be beneficial in the collaboration of ideas between counties.
378 Neeed for encouraging more people to take an interest in volunteering to work on projects for the community.
379 Rural communities are in need of social services which relate to mental health and parenting skills as well as prevention services.
380 Extension needs to focus efforts on one or two things and do those well.
381 Continue the efforts to increase quality child care..especially for infants and young children. Also, consider the new demographics regarding grandparents raising grandchildren and perhaps address the need for support here. Also, become aware of families of deployed parents and work with the military to provide support until this war is ended!!!!!
382 A big problem I see is the kids who are not involved in the school extra curricular activities because they are not good enough. After school activities to help these children develope their strengths, values, and encourage and teach positive behaviors are huge. The risky times are between 3:30 and 6:30 when parents are still at work.
383 I think that with the recent media attention about sex offenders the public needs to be better educated about sex offenders and the fact that most are people in their family and close friends, not necessarily the person off the streets.
384 I think they cover a wide area already
385 I think that certian areas of the state need much more assistance than others. Our County (Cherokee) struggles while others close to us (Plymouth & Sioux) are doing very well. We really need assistance with providing new jobs. We have good schools, great quality of living, and ample Housing. We need more jobs. ( I am a realtor) Thank you. Iowa State is a great asset to our state!
386 We need the extension services in our communities to generate new ideas and make the resources available in our small rural areas, this may help in making our small communities look more inviting for young families. Big city advantages for small town living!!!
387 need to provide more assistance to rural families with young children
388 I think it is very important to keep supporting 4-H and Iowa's youth. Iowa's youth are our future, and that is one of the most important things to consider. I also like all of the help available through the extension service.
389 Education on solar and wind energy recources.
390 They need to be proactive in working with the local Chamber, Main Street and Economic Development committees. Also, they need to work to bring the local agriculture and business communities together. Make sure they toot their horn when they have accomplished projects so that the local community is aware of their input to local projects.
391 I am a Sac county resident, and the economy of Sac county is pretty bad. I have been actively involved in 4H programs, but see it increasingly a vehicle for a few leaders to push their children into the spotlight. I should be a valuable resource for ALL kids and has that potential, but doesn't. There is a huge need for "wrap around" services for families. There is little economic progress that would attract my children (U of Iowa and UNI students) back to the area) What could they possibly do if they came back???? The politics of bigger is better just don't apply very well in an ares like this. Schools shouldn't be worried about consolidating, but rather on quality of education and celebrating that they have manageable class sizes
392 Although we are on the outskirts of Des Moines Metro Area - Agriculture is still very important to us. However, it would be nice to add programs that help small businesses like you help Agriculture.
393 Extension should concentrate on the business and economic needs of Iowa. Developing leadership and citizenship skills would also help with the economic and business needs of Iowa. Extension should not become a social services program. We already have a social services department for the state.
394 some of the needs are being met by programs in our community but for example not ALL families can be served due to funding restraints and lack of manpower. Members of our community out in the county need more programs serving (0-6)children with special needs, especially summer programming.
395 Help make communities more accessable to blind and low vision people.
396 The Extension office has also provided services, such as the expert gardeners, that enhance the quality of life for Iowans.
397 Demographics of our diverse population. Educate locals on new and improved products from value added initiatives. Support local ec.dev. projects.
398 Just do ag and do it well. There are other agencies doing community work. You are duplicating efforts.
399 Our local extension service seems to be purely ag related. A small percentage of people know what they do.
400 Women in Kentucky and other states gain information, confidence, and leadership experience through their University Extension programs focused on women. In Iowa this task apparently was turned over to Farm Bureau which, in my county and several others with which I am familiar, has failed at maintaining interest.
401 These are all worthy projects
402 With farmers aging and their children not returning to the farm, how can we keep these older Iowans on the farm and leading healthy, long and productive lives on the farm when they are retired.
403 Encourage gardening for all social classes
404 All the items listed above are desirable - had difficulty rating them. I like the broad approach Extension is taking. Thanks a lot.
405 I think the ISU staff does an excellent job responding to community needs, especially like the Growing Strong Families program.
406 DAllas County could use assistance in developing skills when creating events that enhance their existing business and help there businesses grow.
407 none at this time, thank you
408 Help baby boomer women who are uneducated, remarried, dealing with issues of remarriage and struggling due to remarriage and differences in finances with current spouses, underinsured regarding health. In an age group that has worked hard all their lives with mediocre jobs and pay, divorced and remarried to individuals who look at finances as yours and mine. Females who are undereducated, underpaid, reaching the age of retirement and health problems, who can not afford decent medical care, the cost of prescription medication. Work in jobs caring for other unfortunate individuals but cannot afford to take care of themselves because they do not qualify for current programs - have fallen between the cracks for several of the years that they have been in the work force.
409 Doubt that Scott County community needs are typical of other community's in the state.
410 These are all good ideas. Something needs to be done about the cost of education should be evaluated. I was a graduate student in a neighboring state. Every January we feverishly wrote grants to assist single parents. The funds from the grant went to pay the professor's salary not to assist single families. It was just greed. I saw a lot of greed as a graduate student on the part of administration and instructors.
411 Does Extension partner with government, industry, and community leaders at all levels regulary(monthly) to discuss the needs and wants of their county, region, state. By partnering, ideas and limited resources can be pooled to create a better outcome.
412 Not enough registered DHS child care providers.
413 Provide more parent education
414 Youth Programs!!!
415 I think the extension office is a great resource that may be underestimated and underutilized. If anything, I think that fewer people actually know what the extension does than what one might assume since it's been a mainstay in the rural Iowa landscape for over 100 years. For example, I grew up in rural Iowa and never knew what the extension did besides the county fair. It wasn't until I began to work with the extension through community-based professional ties that I began to understand the wealth of resources extension provides.
416 I really would watch for to much duplication of services.
417 work to keep the small business and schools open in our communities
418 Programs to assist grandparents as parents, when they take over the care of their grandchildren. Also, more services/trainings to address social emotional development and mental health of young children Training to create more collaboration among community services, so that all realize that we are not competing against each other for territory, but all in this together to create a better community. Work to make regulation/law changes that do not work against collaboration and sharing of information.
419 We are one of the oldest, poorest counties in the state. We need help in retaining our young people and bringing economic development opportunities to our area. We also have a state park with a 1/2 finished interpretive center that due to lack of funding is going to diminish if we don't act quickly. We need help with fund raising strategy to get the project completed.
420 This county has experienced the largest percentage of population decline in the state of Iowa. Jobs are extremely scarce. Quality jobs are rare.
421 I would like to see the Extension Service broaden their programs to include more "town" workers. The emphasis seems to be all agricultural, which is fine, but there are a lot of non-ag people out here, too!
422 I am an educator in Dallas County so my interests would be geared toward education at public schools. Dallas County extension office has been very helpful in guiding me over the past years and has been an excellent resource for me. I HOPE that they will continue their excellent support of public eduction to Iowas teachers and thus youth. I think we have a gret partnership. I also am a Master Gardener and have gleaned great information from this program as well. I have beeen involved with 4-H groups and think this is also a very good use of public funds. I have also attened some programs sponsored by Extension for the community. Such as training for Child care providers and money management workshops. These are also great opportuites. I would like to see the wonderful resources that extension has to offer better advertised so more people can use what extension has available. Jo Ann McConeghy, Adel , Iowa
423 Help educate and encourage alternative agriculture as an option for small family farms who can no longer compete with huge factory farms. Also help educate and ease the shift towards women-owned and operated farms.
424 I have been working in a collaberative manner with ISU extension office through after school programs. I know their groups are very highly thought of and well recieved
425 I would like to see the ISU Extension work to help the town people understand the work of the farming community, and what the town person can do to improve our environment.
426 We do not know enough about what could be offered. It is very disappointing when there are good programs and peoople do not respond. I do not have a solution!!
427 Iowa in general, and Kossuth county, specifically, must get over the romance of "farm life" and find ways to become economically productive in other areas besides corn, beans, and pigs. Land can be used to raise other food products - grapes for wine, herbs and more unusual vegetables, etc, could be very appealing to people from other areas. Then, businesses could develop in rural areas turning these raw crops into foodstuffs that could be canned, frozen, etc, and sold nationwide. In addition - we need to find ways of keeping young, energetic Iowans IN IOWA! Let's have more entertainment that appeals to younger crowds, more options such as bike trails in all communities, things to keep kids active and busy, and out of trouble.
428 The education opportunities are no better than the education directors working in the community. Our local Extension needs a marketing director.
429 There are several areas in which our county could utilize ISU Extension, particularily the agricultural sector. I haven't seen much involvement from our County Director in any area of agriculture, or community education. He is a nice person, but is limited in his understanding of agriculture.
430 I think Extension should stick to its mission and not try to be all things to all people.
431 Attracting and retaining people and business to Iowa
432 I feel that at the current time the extension director in our county is over extended to the point that there are so many things to do, that none are done well. Maybe I show my age by saying that the "old" days of going in and talking to the extension director about farm, garden, etc are gone. Another reason for the problem may be the fact that we are under staffed. The last vote of the extension tax failed, and I think part of the blame there goes to the Extension Council which from what I can learn did nothing to push for the referendum.
433 Communities are very needy in most of the above areas. But there is limited financial and human resources to address these issues currently. I also believe that school reorganizations to force small schools to close is necessary.
434 Extension and others help a great deal in transitioning immigrants to the community. Someone or some agency needs to assist or support specific job training for these new residents as most come willing to work with with few marketable skills.
435 Most farmers now have a second job.
436 To expand on the options for youth. There is very little for youth today to fill their time with useful activities. Help teach them the value of volunteerism.
437 Iowa's small communities are wonderful places to live, but are seen as dead-end and boring for our youth. We need a way to market our communities as places to settle and raise a family.
438 Come on Extension what good are your Field Specialist, most are busy running from one meeting to another or one county to another. If Extension were a private business it would be plain to see where the real load lies. Eliminate the middle staff, save money!!!!
439 Need to provide information and support for kinship care providers who are not receiving any support for costs associated with the care of their relative child.
440 I think that extension and its personnel are capable of doing most of the things in the survey at some level; however, I think that with limited resources there is a need to prioritiize and then make clear where that support is coming from because the expectations of old and the $$$$$ support of today don't match.
441 need more diversity-related education and programs
442 There is a shortage of affordable after school activities for children and youth. Activities need to planned that go to the kids where they are (schools) rather than have kids travelling to the activity. Would like more focus of increasing technical skills of youth (specifically in computer programming)and financial skills.
443 sorry-don't know
444 They need to know how to mesh people form different cultures into a unified community with community pride and intergrity.
445 All these goals are excellent, and surely every community could benefit from any one of these things. The question is, with diminishing revenue, can you folks do all this?
446 Our community has a large population of Hispanic families. It seems for them to be successful in our community, we as a community need to better understand what their needs are and how we can best work together to aid them in being successful.
447 #25 is a wrong choice as even though technology is stepping up, not everyone has PC's and access to them. Bulk mail is still more eye appealing and would get more than tossed in the recycle bin of those that do have PC's.
448 More things for youths to do.
449 More easily accessible information on Low-Income housing and assistance availble for current & prospective Low-Income home owners. Possibly a direct and simplified brochure of where to start and what's available along with a list of contacts and qualifications for each.
450 That ISU Extension isn't just for 4-Hers. It's there for young and old alike and non 4-Hers.
451 Ames in some ways is an overeducated community...everyone thinks the have the knowledge and authority to decide issues for the rest of us, ie. the Mall issue.
452 expanding of intergenerational relationship opportunities
453 Quality recreation options Health care option coordination in rural areas
454 Make sure whatever educational opportunities are available is widely advertised. Too often residents outside of Ames miss opportunities because they don't hear about them. Direct mail is probably the most effective way to communicate.
455 Think 30 years out - not just current development issues. Fight the growth of urban sprawl.
456 I feel all these areas would benefit a community, if promoted well and use the resourses of the community to promote special features, such as Chamber of Commerces, clubs & orgs, community colleges etc....
457 I live in Monona County, we are in desperate need of jobs, industry, and businesses that can provide these things. It seems that the state does not do much west of Carroll, unless you are a Sioux City. We have a business in Castana that my pull out because funds have not been made available to this business as it has been made to other businesses in the state.
458 the part the that they play in networking with such services as Community health. Suxch as grant writing and the wealth of information and expertise they have.
459 Educate youth regarding healthy choices such as abstaininf from sex or protecting oneself from unwanted STDs, teen pregnancy, or HIV/AIDS.
460 What a loss when the majority of publications are no longer free or inexpensive! It seems as if more of a focus on increased visibility of your web site would be helpful. Collaborative partnerships as happened in the past are so important. I know so many dedicated & skilled professionals working in the field. Here's hoping there will be no further cuts curtailing much needed services!
461 Extension is an awesome program! I hope to be a professional within the system some day soon!
462 the extension is also helpful in providing master gardener courses for the state inmate population and assisting with prison garden production saving thousands of dollar in food costs
463 ISU Extension has proven to be invaluable in our community health needs assessment completed through our public health office.
464 Expanding resources for single-parent households is an issue that I'd be very interested in. I am newly divorced and the mother of three school-aged children. I could use some help!
465 We need value-added agriculture and potentially a biodiesel or ethanol plant or other facility that would provide jobs.
466 Services and funding for elderly (IA is #2 in age 85+ population. They suffer from improper nutrition, debt management, prescription drug costs to name a few.
467 Our local ISU office is a very valuable source to our county!!!
468 The extension service could work towards building a closer working relationship with the City Manager/Council, Clarinda Economic Development, Clarinda Chamber of Commerce and the Page County Board of Supervisors.
469 We need to build the skills of our citezens to that they can be attractive employees for new and expanding businesses. We also need to encourage and assist in the emergence of the small farmer with marketing and farm management skills. We need to get more active in tourism centers to increase the state's income from out of state visitors
470 ISU Linn County does a fantastic job of supporting the work we do at The Workplace Learning Connection. Janet Martin & Ann Tobert are awesome!
471 Keep the community aware of any hazards in the environment and scams that are going through the area.
472 We are becoming a very hispanic populated area and that is effecting us, just not sure what to do about that or what would help with that
473 It appears that you have moved beyond the boundarie of what I believe Extension was developed to provide to Iowans. I'm curious why you believe you have a role in child care and/or elder care and the quality of such care. I'm also curious as to why you believe you can impact the skills of business and their workers.
474 Needs of community are diverse, and the internet can provide a wide range of services, available when convenient to the public. Often, working with a group is the way to go, so costs must remain reasonable and training sites accessible. ISU has a strong reputation for providing outreach to individuals, communities, the state of Iowa and beyond. It will be vital that those services continue.
475 Need access to transportation for those who can not afford it. Need sick child care so that the parents do not loose their job staying home with a child who is ill(most childcare providers will not take kids with chickenpox which could last over a week - parents can't afford to stay home and loose wages. Services for parents whose children are seriously ill (with life threatening illness) who are in the hospital for an extended period of time. Need community leaders to better understand the problems of the poor both brought up in Iowa or those who come from another state to live here. Need more help for single parents whose ex-spouse's do not want to have any responsibility for their children. Get a "Grandparents" program started to connect youth with elderly adults who may not have families in the area maybe expand this into the Big Brother/Sister program. Teach children more values so that there are less struggles for these childeren in the future.
476 Our community doesn't accept change. Helping people understand that improvements are a good thing.
477 I'm mainly involved in working with ISU Extension through the 4-H program. Through 4-H, kids get to experience many things and learn life skills that would normally not be able to experience without 4-H.
478 There is a great need for health insurance for those of us who are not in child bearing age group but not yet eligible for Medicare benefits. We have no insurance and cannot be covered by any state programs.
479 Small communities need assistance to keep their schools alive and increase their population.
480 You are a resource of reliable factual information driven from educational expertise. Would like to see more linking with the business expertise rather than two seperate identities. 2. Don't try to be the jack of all trades, master at none.
481 We are a rural community, including many who commute to metropolitan areas within 30 miles.
482 More programming that is more visible in the papers, radio, etc. promoting programming in community. More visible.
483 Get more youth involved! Do more fun things for kids who aren't in 4-H or even ones that are that don't really do a whole lot in the program realize that it's a good expierence and how fun it is!
484 pretty much everything above is covered.
485 Assist local government to better serve the public.
486 Education on the misuse of pesticides and the dangers of pesticides.
487 The State of Iowa is on the leading edge of the second green revolution, energy and specialty food production. Please, please, please educate our young people of the tremendous opportunity at their doorstep. Your infrastructure to reach out to our future is already in place. Use it.
488 We need good drinking water without nitrates and bacteria.
489 Extnsion should keep help the youth throught the 4-H program and school progams that they offer
490 My priority is for children and young families; I see a great need for Parent Education on a consistent basis. In the past I have seen Extension provide a great deal of such education. This service, like many others, is subject to the availability of funds/money. Extension and other community groups could/should work together more to leverage money/seek sponsors for the funding of parent education, etc.
491 Teach ethical practices and concepts, such as recognizing conflict of interests. This skill is being lost.
492 I answered all of the questions above, however, I really felt their should be a box for unsure or unable to evaluate.
493 With budget cuts many of the programs offered by our extension office in the past are no longer available.
494 I would love to see the community in which I now live make a come-back (wiped out by Wal-Mart arrival and railroad pull-outs), but it won't happen without *lots* of help. Thanks!
495 We need reasonable cost access to higher education- Post graduate. We have one of the best educated populations in the state, second only to IOWA CITY. We're not exploiting that to it's full extent. We are also one of the prettiest of Iowa towns, and we keep it a secret. We need to be a weekend destination community and we need better leadership to make it happen.
496 Need more spanish classes or info to help area businesses and citizens.
497 I think ISU Extension should have a marketing campaign. Do people realize you exist and are there to help all people, not just those that live in rural areas.
498 Generally I don't mark all the answers the same, however as community success is cyclic, all of these are needed for a healthy and successful community.
499 How to keep main streets in small towns from dying.
500 Have had excellent experience with the Extension in a variety of projects. Appreciate the expertise and resources greatly.
501 Would like to find the Director in the office more often. He seems to spend a lot of time at meetings that may be educating him but more time in the office would educate the community.
502 There is a Community Health Assessment completed Feb 1 05 on IDPH site for the county. Offering licensed personnel local trainings in their field and for CEUs is important to reduce travel expense.
503 Helping community partners learn how to collaborate.
504 top priorities should be in keeping today's young adults in Iowa and education on parenting
505 Small communities need to be able to compete with the large discount stores that are local a few miles away. The money made in the small communities finds its way to the discount stores and the main street are becoming ghost towns. The elderly have no way to travel out of town for food and clothing they need and the services. Many of the small communities only have a convenience store with the gas pump as a source of food. Big isn't always better!
506 Assistance and education in appreciating and valuing individual diversity
507 Make people aware of and assist with sustainable land use. Affordable yoga classes.
508 more special divisioned disabilities information through flyers, pamphlets, or classes. More specialized aids or devices noted to be available.
509 All of the above needs are vital to a community, but I know it is only possible to focus on a few to begin with to succeed
510 Hamilton county taxes are extremely high. They must be lowered to encourage people to stay here. I am moving out of the county for that reason. I can not afford to live here.
511 I don't know the needs of my community
512 I believe that the extension is greatly needed within any community. They provide learning skills and teach the moral values that the parents have forgotten.
513 do more activities that involve the WHOLE community
514 ISU Extension provides research based knowledge to help communities and is unique in that it provides a presence of Iowa State University every county.
515 Transportation and money for prescription meds are two of the biggest challenges that we face.
516 I have worked with ISU Ext. regarding nutrition in the schools and they have wonderful ideas and momentum. I wish there were more folks to deliver the message that some of our ISU Ext. staff do here in our community of Black Hawk!
517 How to encourage expansion of businesses in our community in an orderly manner.
518 To continue to provide training for early childhood care providers on the use of the ECCERS and ITERS scales.
519 Perhaps need to tie in with other ISU economic development efforts to develop a more cohesive end-to-end process for education - business and quality of life.
520 For people to shop in there towns and support the little business people. The little business people sure could use help like the famers get. If we have a bad year no one helps us out we go under.
521 I would like to be able to go to the ISU web page or the local extension office and get info on things such as; removing Ants from my house - After many tries I found some info on the Michigan State web page which consist of - jelly, dog food and boric acid. Mulch - What type of product last the longest, resist bugs and is good for my landscape? You may not have the answer, however you could direct folks to various solutions. One stop shopping at ISU!!!!!!
522 I think it is too bad that Extension seems to have lost its way and is duplicating services in urban counties that already exist; for example, help for small business, leadership training, and job training. The community colleges and others have been providing these types of programs for years. I think Extension can play a crutial role in helping agriculture to diversify; assisting young people who desire to make agriculture their livelihood; promoting land use that is sustainable, reduces urban sprawl, and preserves the environment; and promotes new agricultural products.
523 We need better public transportation. Buses that run more often and earlier and later in the day. Busses that run on Sunday. Busses that have connections to other busses so you could get someplace other than downtown or the mall in less than an hour and a half. A commuter rail between Marion/Hiawatha/CR and Coralville/Iowa City area would be a real plus, too. Thank-you!
524 You are a resource that many at risk families are not aware of. What about expanding marketing to this segment? Iam concerned that your services are utilized by families that are fairly competant and do not reach those most in need especially as related to youth.
525 4-H-has become lots of paper work and kids are discouraged by all the paper work and rules/regulation that aren't clear to leaders and judges, not all judges are consistant and judging on same guideline, which is very discouraging to the children and is cause for low enrollment and loss of children in 4-H
526 We have several small schools in our area that are having to look at joining other school district.
527 We need to help businesses stay in our area, and more job oportunities for local workers.
528 Make our community more attractive to young families, and those that are here be more active in our churches.
529 In Black Hawk County we have a large population of lead poisoned children ages 1-6. We need to get the word out about this and how lead effects the developement of children.
530 we are a community of Senior Citizens, not a lot of industry for the main wage eearner
531 Many programs in Marion County strive to develop programs for youth, young families, and older Iowan's when in fact they are trying to reinvent the wheel. I would like to see the whole 4H model implementted into the education system. It would build character in the youth and help to give families values that are being lost in today's world.
532 We need help with those over 40 looking for work either after downsizing or job loss. Also, I do believe that insurance is the issue for hiring a younger worker as the older worker is already experienced and usually is more contientious, trustworthy, and work until the work is done. This is not always so with the younger worker.
533 These are all valuable resources for communities. They are, however, issues that a lot of organizations and community groups both private and public as well as churches seek to address. It seems reasonable that Iowa State University would offer some community education programs. I find it appalling that question 11 might suggest that it is the University’s job to provide financial support to the poor outside of scholarships for excellence in education. It is the University’s responsibility to provide educational opportunities at a reasonable cost to all committed students. In my opinion as a society we need to look at the insane salaries, ethics, and greed of CEOs and upper management in businesses, government, and educational institutions. This in my opinion is one of the main reasons the cost of every thing seems to keep going up. In response to question 25, in larger cities the internet might be a useful media for continued education and training, however, in Muscatine only 1/3 of residents have internet access in their homes making the internet an less effective vehicle for continued education and outreach. If this represents a medium sized urban community I would assume even fewer rural household would have internet access. It might be more appropriate for the University to identify a specific area of interest to educate all Iowans on. Aggressively market that one item that effects a bawd segment of the population. Use a wide variety of media (T.V., print, and radio) with suggestions about continued education and career opportunities in that field of study. Also, I would suggest that if you can find ways to get kids interested you are more likely to get families involved in an activity or cause. Further more, while in general it is the Universities role to promote peaceable interaction among its students it is not appropriate for the ISU or any other educational institution to advocate a political agenda that focuses on liberal anti-American ideologies and alternative lifestyles and sexual immorality under the guise of diversity.
534 Water quality and quantity are major issues now and in the future. I would like to see the Extension service work with DNR in establishing a management plan state wide for surface and ground water.
535 Help diversify the current Ag products from being only corn and soybeans to include other crops.
536 I would like to see financial aid for adults wanting to go back to college, but they make just enough money not to qualify for financial aid help.
537 Teach parents to pick up their litter and cigarette butts, so that they can teach their children! Teach Muscatine City that planting grass in rock filled dirt doesn't make a very pretty green spot. Also, that a little money spent killing crab grass and other "obnoctious" weeds, would make a prettier green space.
538 You need to get the word out more...radio...TV news?
539 The 30 listed items about "cover the waterfront" and if we could implement just two-thirds of those listed we would become the best state in the Union!
540 More adult education opportunities
542 I can't think of anything you haven't covered.
543 Residents need to understand that they will have to work together with each other to benefit themselves in the future
544 We need information on alternative careers available through the Internet that are well paying, yet can be done from rural, poverty stricken areas.
545 Each Extension director is different. We are proud of our Director, Deb Hall. She truly stives for the best in our community and surrounding areas. She works well with the youth and adults to encourage their best. We are fortunate.
546 I really appreciated the opportunity to take the Master Gardener course.
547 market the training and programs to "city" residence. Many still fell the ISU Extension is a rural residents program.
548 Gardening ideas, tips, suggestions for both apartment living and home ownership Some people might still be interested in canning. How to save money at the grocery store.
549 We need more youth related community activities to help prevention of risky behaviors
550 More scholarships to ISU in the AG field would be great! Also need more child care nurse consultants. It is impossible for them to do their job due to not having enough money to hire an adequate number of child care nurse consultants.
551 I beleive every community could use education on parenting skills all ages (0-highschool) I believe our community could benefit from continuing education classes.
552 Bringing non-ag businesses and jobs not just my area but throughout Iowa. We need tech and non-ag industries to compete with the rest of the world. Salaries, especially in rural areas are so low that it makes it hard for a family to save. I've only lived in Iowa for 10 years and I still make less now living in Iowa than I did ten years ago. How sad!
553 The importance of having and offering learning materials in other languages to the people in our communities.
554 Our community is full of older people, and our institutions, are full of older people. Even the baby boomers aren't here in large numbers. Much less those younger than boomers. The transition to an older base has been made by organizations like churches. What happens when the older folks pass away and the churches and other local organizations dwindle away?
555 Many of the above I could not respond to because I am not aware that ISU Ext. provides these services. Also - the above question was regarding how useful these services were - not about the needs of our community.
556 We are VERY thankful for Pat Derdzinsky, our extension person, and are indeed looking forward to developing a major economic project in our town with which ISU Extension will be very helpful!
557 Our community needs to be more progressive. We need to manage our natural resources much better. It is embarassing what our farmers are doing to the landscape
558 Some families need help with budgeting.
559 Home lawn care
560 We raise well educated, hard working people in Iowa, I would like to see them stay in Iowa. Not think they must go to the 4 corners of the earth to get good well paying jobs. Affordable health insurance for all.
561 4-H is especially inportant because it aids in the development of our future leaders, farmers, business owners, etc.
562 training on how to choose and work a simple home based network marketing business and basic personal financial education, debt reduction training,ect. could bring in a few hundred aditional dollars a month and show people how to wisely use that income to get and stay out of debt. they are looking at net work marketing by the thousands every day, investigate the industry then help them.
563 Promote mandatory Child care registration and to have it uniform throughout the state.
564 Know how to help business from going under such as Cedar Lane Estates, Pizza Hut etc.
565 More support for the citizens living on an an income that does not supply all of their crital needs.
566 Jobs for older Iowans. Getting employers to hire the older workers.
567 ISU Extension needs to address many things identified in the list, but we need to do what we are the best at, what we are passionate about, and what we can financially support. Positive youth development is one area where we can make a great impact now and for the future of Iowa.
568 I use extension frequently as a parent of a 4 H enrollee. We have Shooting Sports locally which has improved his outlook on life and offered him an additional area of interest in which he excells. He is involved in other 4 H programs as well. I also find, as a Public Health Nurse, that I have access to an extensive amount of information that I use for community health education. I have a feeling I don't know about alot of other things that extension provides
569 With high unemployeement in the county and being a poor county many need to work outside the county or move.
570 Increased access to quality health care & affordability of health care coverage.
571 The availability of good affordable housing for elderly and low income could use some improvement.
572 More education on Drug, Alcohal, Tobacco prevention and cessation. More on growing your own food.
573 Few of these apply to me, so I cannot judge them accurately. My biggest complaint against ISU is that you will not speak out nor take action against the hog and other confinement feeding operations in this state. You, even more than the average citizen, should recognize the harm these operations are doing to Iowa. Not just the pollution of our water (hog cafos are responsible for 75% of the damage) nor the physical harm their fumes do to neighbors, but the financial harm they do by unfairly driving family farmers out of the business, and in turn, destroying the base for the survival of many small towns. Concentrating the profits in the hands of one or two local operators is not the same as those profits spread among a number of small farmers. They cannot claim that more pork is being produced -- according to the records, there were as many hogs marketed in 1981 as in 2002, simply from far fewer producers. In the meantime, people are suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems, massive pollution of state waters and familys being driven from their own property by the incredible stench from these filthy operations. If your organization wants to be seen as a leader in the state, try leading in areas that mean something. Richard Bird aerie@netins.net
574 Water safety. Soil Safety. Farm Equipment safety.
575 Anthing we can do to help and teach kids to be contributing members of our communities is vital.
576 The need to collaborate with other agencies.
577 Impact of recycling, especially oil based products.
578 The survey should also have a place for N/A I answer questions I was not really sure I knew about.
579 Create programs for at-risk teens and pre-teens
580 More night education for Master Gardeners thru Iowa State that is in the local county. ie Hardin, Story, Franklin, Butler
581 work with all aspects and give credit where it is due. ISU is not the only game in town
582 We have many poor people in our county, including the elderly as well as young families.
583 clear understanding of disabilities is not present. Educating the general population about various disabilities is necessary.
584 The issue of the brain drain comes up a lot. I have discussed this issue with many professionals who have experienced frustration with the culture clash of professional and college norms and those of the remaining population, specifically the focus on issues vs. local politics and personal relationships. I run into these barriers all the time where people won't let you in because they don't know you no matter how credentialled and valuable you are. One example is the failure of people to respond to queries by returning phone calls. I ran into this in Jefferson when I called the hospital about using clinic space. I understand there is a need for mental health professionals in Greene County, yet I could get no response to my inquiries about clinic space. I am a therapist who has a satellite office in Guthrie. I have also been criticized for not living where I practice. It's difficult to buck the politics and resistance to outsiders.
585 rural development
586 In my community there is quality childcare available. More forms of childcare assistance is needed, for those people who fall short of DHS assistance.
587 There continues to be a need to support child care providers and to help provide training for providers as well as to do whatever possible to increase overall quality of childcare.
588 Our Extension County provides lots of day camps for kids to attend in the summer months. They are eduational and fun! Living in a rural area, they are awesome! Thanks for providing them!!
589 Iowa Extension has made a big difference in the Muscatine County and I support all there efforts in making a difference in our community.
590 Increase the number of training opportunities for childcare providers. I think that you have had some outstanding speakers and classes in the past. I think the staff in the Dubuque office is very helpful, and knowledgeable.
591 We need to help legislators/politicians to see how they can meet the needs of the citizens of rural Iowa, in sparsley populated areas, while leaving the richest farmland in the world in production, rather than focusing on putting "plants" on this valuable farmland so they can bring more people up here.
592 I have worked with ISU in Carroll. They had an expert for any type situation I needed. I worked for IWD with a multitude people and needs. The only advice I can give is to keep the quality of your support staff at the highest level to maintain your crediability. Many people don't know all that you can offer.
593 Preserving foods
594 Continue to communicate what Extension has to offer in the local papers. Maybe an internet webpage would be a way to reach some families, too. Extension does a fabulous job and is very much appreciated by the community.
595 ISU is not traditionally viewed as being a health or human services entity
596 I think that the objectives listed on the questionnaire cover it all. Educational opportunities are always welcome, especially in the rural areas. I have participated in several one day classes in marketing and women and agriculture, and am always interested in learning more. I am an "old 4-Her" who has returned to the farm and I appreciate what the extension service does to benefit the quality of rural life. Thank you.
597 In our community there is nothing for young adults to do, no skating rink, no activities to do other than school. Also there is a lack of support for young adults. They need our help. We see our graduates leaving this community for the bigger cities because there is no job opportunities. Nothing to do in this town.
598 The need to keep Iowans in Iowa is very strong. Rural community populations are dwindling. Extension programs are very helpful to everyone, but not all people know about Extension. If they do, they think Extension is only about Ag & 4-H. 4-H is a great program for kids, but older kids are usually forced to make a choice between it & sports. How sad that two programs that are teaching the same things, commitment & responsibility, are competing against each other. Staff in local offices are forced to pound on doors or spend hours working on grants for revenue in thier counties. Couldn't this be better handled by Area offices or at the State level better??? Counties should be more concerned with getting the information needed out to thier clients, not spending precious time with more & more paper work!
599 Families need to know various communication styles to strengthen relationships between parents and children, as well as between parents. We must try to maintain the nuclear family.
600 Any programs used to educate parents and families on how to grow and prosper in our democratic society would be wonderful. Van Buren County is one of the top 5 poverty counties in Iowa, last I knew, So anyway to educate adults on how to prosper and raise their children is greatly needed. Thank you, Stefany Wells
601 We need more jobs and ways to bring people to live here.
602 need for more youth-related activities
603 Help the older generation of farmers pass on their farms to their children male/female.
604 Need moreassistance for small schools and towns.
605 Our most severe problem is population loss related to fewer farmers and little local industry. I see the Extension program doing a lot of educating - don't know what more you can do. We local residents need to decide to be more pro-active.
606 Advertise your services and information sources so people know what is available to them through Extension.
607 more biotech info also incease ethanol and biodiesel research
609 Encourage people of all ages to participate in political decisions that will affect all the areas already mentioned in the above survey.
610 i think you're doing just fine in what you have going on?!
611 Do not become another Unitedway agency.There seems to be plenty of programs out there if these people would make an effort toward getting help.
612 I know that ISU Extension is available if I want to call, but even I don't know all that they have to offer. I don't take the time to check there first. I think that many people are in the same place. Maybe a list of available services could be posted in stores or physician offices?? There has to be somewhere to make it more "visible" to the average person.
613 How to be a three generation household and stay sane. i.e. the baby boomers are often times caring for their elderly parents, raising their grandchildren and still trying to work themselves.
614 We are a small town with few businesses, most of those do not have an outreach to members in the community.
615 Rycyling opportunities/I have concern about all the waste we generate and the filling of landfills too quickly. Disposal of contaminates.
616 Our local elementary school is vacant this year....it would be nice for it to be a center in Clayton County for adult learning of many educational or viable useful programs through extension and otherwise The extension service management could contact the Clayton Ridge school system in Guttenberg Iowa 52052 and inquire into the possibilities as a future adult education center....llike...a room devoted to quilting lessons.l..gardening classes....AA classes...a room for each of the above and a bldg manager to get the ball rolling with the Extension service as the overseer....what good publicity for the extension and help to the community could be centered there as well as the county...
617 I believe you have all the important areas covered.
618 The premise of your question is impossible to rate the effectiveness of the ISU Extension Program in our community. I doubt whether Extesion the most appropriate agency to become envolved with many of the areas when others have the responsibility.
619 Emphasize the philosophy of teaching how to do things yourself rather than promoting govt programs to do it for you.
620 Poverty. We need to learn about it.
621 I am a Lawyer and my initial reaction was that I did not know that you did any of these things but I suspicioned that you probably did. The bottom line is that I have not been contacted by Extension since I became a new attorney in 1972 when you used me on Estate Planning Seminars which you may still do but obviously with other lawyers. I believe every community could use items 1-30 but I am sure that without contact and proper staffing this will not happen. I am interested but also feel that the extension service program may not coincide with my thoughts about needs and how to deliver them to the public.
622 We need to keep our college educated youth in the state to keep Iowa's population strong. We need new tech jobs in our towns that bring the young tech workers and their families.
624 Support efforts to develope recreational areas, lake, camping, boating, hiking, bicycling trails, outdoor educational areas etc. Promote the use of Ethanol in our state and others. Assist farmers to setup more livestock opporations. Assist in attracting dairies to the area. Provide gardening instruction in all major towns of the county.
625 Getting together with local community colleges and offering 4 yr. programs.
626 Help retired or soon to retire persons understand the changes to medicare, soical security if it happens. Objective information, so older person can make informed decisons on the choices they have to make regarding healthcare and retirement.
627 In Southwestern Iowa, I believe there needs to be more collaboration between communities and less provincialism. Many of the items listed above could be applied to the region and make a much more significant impact.
628 I think quality child care is an issue. Instead of increasing after school opportunities, I think it would be better to support some established opportunities. As a librarian, it has been hard for us to schedule the after school activies we do (and those we would like to start) because the kids are already so busy they don't have time for us. Supporting libraries, churches and other safe places that provide opportunities for kids would be a better role than adding another activity to the mix of things they don't have time to do.
629 I think the ISU Extension office does well. The Chickasaw county one provides a monthly or semimonthly newsletter with different information.
630 I don't think that the extension is very visible in my current community. I have used Extension services in the past as a 4-Her and for parenting information, but I have moved from those locations and I'm not even sure where to go for Extension services currently.
631 I have used the resources of extension my entire life, starting out 50 years ago as a 4-H member.
632 Iowa (especially the small towns) needs to focus on developing businesses & industries that are sustainable. Reliance on agriculture & industry is over--if we want to retain young, well educated people, we need to offer them careers, and towns with activities, well-funded public attractions, and good schools.
633 Our community needs to be encouraged to develop better water conservation. We have unmetered water use. Our community needs to better use its historic resources to attract tourism and provide homes for businesses Our community needs to develop better leaders to be willing to run for city council
634 child care is important and programs for school age children should expand beyond those tied into 4-H
635 The local extension needs to promote 4-H, work with schools to encourage the youth today to get envolved in 4-H. The extension needs to work to increase the number of 4-H'ers and 4-H projects at the county fair.
636 I think that a huge issue is the breakdown of the family. There are kids out there that do not have fathers in their lives and it is really showing. There has to be positive male role modeling for all of the children who don't have male figure in their lives. ISU should encourage education about that and for those males in the community who would be willing to serve as mentors or role models to wanting children.
637 I strongly believe we need to educate Iowans to improve and preserve natural resources and the environment - Strengthening agricultural production is currently antithetical to this. Maybe educating/developing methods to improve production without compromising the environment.
638 Knowing what resources are available locally so they are not duplicated.
639 We need more business's on the square. When a business goes under it's usually a professional person that takes it's place.
640 Rural women have as high as a 50% likelihood of being victims of family violence according to a Univ. of Neb. study. Dating violence is an increasing problem estimated to affect one in three adolescent females. Development of services and outreach to rural women living with family violence as well as addressing dating violence effectively are problems which require immediate attention. Addressing these problems should become a priority of Iowa Extension.
641 Encourage local shopping, especially now that gas prices are skyrocketing.
642 I believe the extension service could be incredibly influential in helping with conservation, organic gardening/farming , alternative energy, and local economies. Honestly, I'm terribly worried about agribusiness and small town economies and the loss of small farms as an economic component to Iowa's economy. Also, there is very little in Iowa to make college educated young people stay. I myself just graduated and I am looking to leave Iowa. I think focusing on what makes Iowa Iowa (our topsoil, the prairies that gave us that topsoil, the farming that developed from that topsoil and local economies) - rather than selling out our economy and our future to the highest corporate bidder- would influence my decision to leave. Iowa, to me, is too bleak of a place to want to stay here. Although I love it dearly. Oh, and there should be incentives to help start small business and help people afford health insurance, because that is often what prevents people from being able to work for themselves. Thanks for your time.
643 Small rural communities need to develop a plan to help teens find summer jobs/after school jobs, rather than sit in front of a TV or a computer all day. These kids want to work and they need the experience for later in life.
644 There is a great need in my community for economic growth, keeping businesses in town, and whatever is available for kids.
645 Utilizing my experience with our RSVP volunteer Program and our 530 Carroll County voluteers I believe transportation is a critical community need not only for our seniors but a large population of our County.
646 support immigrants and refugees to become successful in Iowa
647 ISU should concentrate on those things it is well suited to do that no one else can do as well. This would mean in particular supporting and enhancing rural communities and agriculture. Iowa will always be a rural state regardless of how many residents live in towns and cities - at least this will be true as long as people in the world need food.
648 We need help in getting tourists and others to come to our town because it's beautiful and interesting.
649 It would be helpful for them to know how many single parent homes we have and perhaps help a "big brother" program to be in place.
650 More information on the use of solar and wind power to offset dependence on foreign oil, to help with the crisis we find ourselves in.
651 I believe anything to do with agriculture as this field has so many financial problems with the price of commodities and the increase price of seed, fertilizer and chemicals
652 I don't think you a strong enough presence in southwest Iowa to be as effective as you would like.
653 Our community needs more jobs which would in turn give money for other things mentioned. Helping businesses grow would most help our community.
654 small towns are at a distinct disadvantage for employment opportunities which finds most people working out of town and consequently doing a larger portion of their business out of town as well
655 Helping our community develop a plan to save our pine treres from pine beetle infestation.
656 Many of the above listed needs can be addressed with effective collaborations of which ISU Extension can be an integral part
657 Help make financing of housing available in small Iowa towns. Help train for the large Metro Labor Markets and increased income.
658 Assist rural communities with planning and zoning that will make livestock production compatible with rural living. Educate County Board of Supervisors.
659 coalition to support iowa's farmers is a good program. as the legislature puts more regulations on free enterprize, we will continue to see larger operations and fewer operations because people will bow out rather than to put up with all the regs. those who remain will grow the volume to make it worth their while. dnr, epa, and other agency watchdogs will continue to drive industry overseas. can this issue be addressed?
660 stick with 4-H- chamber and community colleges do everything else
661 A small ne iowa town that lacks a vision and opertunity for the future for young adults. What is going to happen as the older people pass on? The younger residents who are getting education are not returning to small towns.
662 note that new people are moving into rural areas that are not interested in their neighbors, the surrounding towns, or school systems; no sense of "community" where they live; community is somewhere else. How do we connect with these people. How do we let them know that by choosing to live here, it is important to both them and us to connect.
663 none
664 I am not aware of what all your dept. does. I think you need to send out some type of newsletter etc.
665 I believe there are many people who have ideas for their own businesses and for places that would benefit our young people. We need places for our young people to socialize and exercise safely. I don't think they know how to go about getting started and the types of financing that might be available to them. There are also many types of grants that are available for improving property that I don't think people are educated enough about.
666 We love your babysitting training program for young people that was done here at the local library in previous years. But...could you lower the expense? Maybe forego the kits? So many teens need good babysitting skills, either for a job or for taking care of younger siblings at home. Please take this into consideration. Also we offered this training to young people this year, but were unable to come up with the minimum number of youngsters. The expense could have been one reason why. Could you lower the minimum also? The young people who signed up really wanted to take the course.
667 Help people understand the basics of rural life. Provide more state focused information to agriculture programs with in county. Help teachers be more educated about Iowa Agriculture.
668 I see many families struggling financially because the job market here is not very good with lower than average wages.
669 I feel that extension services should be more focused on the legal citizens of this country and on employeers that hire legal citizens. This state and the organizations that spare it on would rather turn and look the other way while our jobs are being given to people who are not in this country legally. Stick up for our own first!
670 It would be helpful to meet the needs of both town and rural residents to help the economic growth and development of the community.
671 we need a new county director
672 To value their citizens and find other solutions for long time city government or or business employees to keep from loosing employment.
673 Assit with drug and alcohol awareness. Drugs have consumed the city of Council Bluffs, I'm scared to start a family here!
674 Provide more help in the areas of after scool programming.
675 More should be done to prepare parents to be parents--the idea that parents should automatically know how to raise their children should be eliminated.
676 We have a large Hispanic population and need to be more integrated with them.
677 We need to find ways for Iowa's rural and urban populations to see themselves as vested in a common cause instead of competing with each other.
678 Not sure about the current role of Extension in all the above areas. Not sure how appropriate expansion into areas ranked 2-3 would be.
679 There is a serious need for affordable housing and well paying jobs. I would like to see the extension service get out in the forefront of environmental protection (stop pushing pesticides and herbicides). Educate people about the dangers of lawn chemicals and stress living in harmony with nature.
680 Population decline and the effects of it
681 Awareness of other groups who are planning or are already doing things mentioned in the questions above - more partnering
682 As these questions show, ISU Extension has tried to become everything to all people. It has failed at that, no organization can be. ISU Extension needs to stop looking at what's glamorous and what people want to do, and get back to the hard work of moving out into the community and helping people, which it used to be very good at.
683 need to give young grads a reason such as jobs to stay living in the area.
684 I think that many people do not know what is all available at ISU. Develop more ways to get the message out.
685 I think that 4-H is a wonderful thing and I am only three years into it I want to do something for agriculture for a career in the near future. I think that the ISU is wonderful with the extension offices. I think that we should start doing things with much more with communities.
686 There are so many of us who fall between the cracks of the poverty level. Obviously families with none or little income receive DHS services but what about those of us who are struggling without help because we are just over the income limits? ie: I applied for food assitance and medical care (I have no insurance). We received $10 in food stamps per month and a spend down on medical care that is total unreasonable and unaffordable! Therefore we go without things we need, and medical care unless we are at death's door.
687 ISU Extension currently partners well with other agencies and organizations. One of Extension's strengths is being able to offer trainings in areas of need as they arise. Having versatile staff members who can look at situations and help Iowans determine how to improve their quality of life will make Extension a vital connection for people trying to achieve personal and community goals. I work with a population living at the poverty level. There are a lot of barriers to overcome for many of these Iowans to be able to use their strengths to help the community. I appreciate the free and low-cost opportunities Extension offers. I don't know how to encourage greater participation in programs, but I continue to ecourage families to use Extension as a resource for information on a wide variety of topics. With budgets being limited, I know that Extension cannot be all things to all people, but I would hope that in addition to encouraging growth in business and working with community leaders, Extension would still be able to be there for people who have general questions and don't know where else to go for help - people who don't necessarily fit into any one category, meet any guidelines or even know for sure what they need.
688 school drop-out rate
689 Extension provides very good information and programs. The communities and people need to be made more aware of the many areas that extension covers. Many still think of extension as agricultural only.
690 Disaster plans for small communities. esp. with elderly populated areas
691 I have concern that our Iowa County 4-H community has a strong hold on the politics of how are 4-H fair is being ran. As a parent of children in 4-H I feel the real moral aspects of how we are to achieve our goals is being over shadowed by the who's who in the community being the only ones recognized and the children that our trying there very best to achieve are not recognized because of the clout of of others who have what it takes to get through the system. Another aspect I don't feel is fare is the use of Steroids to make the animal "Bigger and Better". If Professional Baseball players and Football players are not allowed to use this then why should this be allowed to use on the animals that are shown for Fair. Isn't this one of the main reasons why we have so many health problems in the world today. If you would like to respond to this I would appreciate some reasoning for my questionings. I was also told to become a member of our Fair board to help my children to be recognized. If I become a member of our fair board it would be to try and change the Morals of what this is really all about. Sincerely, kacronba@rockwellcollins.com
692 Iowa State should use extension to return to the basics of the Land Grant Universities.
693 An unmet need has existed in the state since 3/1/05 as the Department of Human Services is no longer serving children who are not victims of Child Abuse unless a Juvenile Court adjudication has occurred. There are families in our community who are in need of assistance in the areas of parenting their children and managing troublesome behaviors who do not truly need or want a level of intervention like the Juvenile Court.
694 All of these ideas to meet the needs in our community are valid and would benefit all Iowans.
695 As a long time 4-H leader, I am very upset about the $20.00 participation fee in 4-H. This fee has doubled. I'm appalled!!!
696 Please work at combining county fair activites in low population areas. Attendence is minimal and the expenses are wasted on one when 3-4 counties combined might actually mean something again.
697 I can't think of anything at this time.
698 Our community really needs to be able to better themselves.Especially those who have lower incomes need to be able to recieve an education and provide for their families.There needs to be someone available to help them make decisions and find the financial resources available to attend college.
699 foster better4H leaders
700 People need to be educated on how to create spaces at home and work that make the best use of energy, and encourage them to adopt "nontraditional" building and energy practices, such as passive solar design, converting solar and wind energy to electricity, using greywater systems, biodiesel fuels, compost (both heat & vermicompost), etc.
701 Our community has a severe shortage of rental property.
702 Getting information to people about local resources, opportunities, problems, options, etc. is more difficult that getting national information to them. You must reach them where they live and work and make things CLEAR AND SIMPLE.
703 Partner with public libraries and schools to reach people in their communities.
704 Our local government doesn't care what the needs are for us at this point in time. They want denison to grow and prosper, but they are not taking the time to help those already here. Local government needs to listen to everyone, not just those with money, and if you can find a way to get them to listen to the poor, the hispanic, and the middle class citizens, more power to you. Teach the leaders of this community to listen, and I'm with you 100%. The ISU extension does a remarkable job with what they have, and it is geared mostly to the youth of this community, and that is what we need the most of. Our kids once they get past middle school, and don't fit in with the jocks, or the acedemics, have absolutely nothing for them to do. I know. I have one of each. I have one that is acedemically inclined, one jock, and one son who has nothing to look forward to because there is nothing out there for him to do. He's the one that will never leave the area, because he won't go to collage, and he can't afford to move. He is looking at a life of farmland, working 6 days a week, and no family life because of it.
705 I have always felt that Extension was well informed about the community and on top of things.
706 ISU needs to get more children involved in 4-H, it is very important. They also need to take the politics out of 4-H so the kids can be encouraged
707 A closer monitoring system on our public school teacher's effectiveness needs to happen. We have awesome educators but just as many teachers are wasting our children's valuable time and our tax dollars. They need to be accountable in some way to the outcomes of their students. The school systems also need to be informed of the great programs, in addition to the 4-H program, that the local Extension Offices provide for youth and families so when Extension programming comes to their community schools, they are welcoming them with open arms. One school district in our county is not very accepting of outside programming even when it comes at no cost to them and the outcomes are outstandingly positive.
708 A better Public Relations campaign about the 4-H programs, and what you need to do to become a member and after a member has signed up, an orientation program to show them the ropes.
709 Needs: a person locally who can answer our questions about plant care, tree care, plant and tree identification or something on-line that we can easily search for this information; an agritourism expert; a community economy expert to replace the retired Ken Stone; a personal computer technician who can hold local educational sessions for adults of all ages (especially older adults) on using personal computers, new computer programs, the internet, e-mail, how to transfer programs from old computers to new computers; Extension could use the resources of the university to bring professors of art and design to our communities for adults to learn or to bring exhibitions to local communities - we sure don't see University of Iowa doing this, so our land-grant university should; Extension could also organize Iowa State Singers and Drum Line appearances in local communities
710 I rely on the the ISU extention to provide the latest technology expertise when it comes to agriculture techniques
711 My county is, Decatur, in south central Iowa, and it is a low income rural county. Making sure there is an Extension office located there and is staffed by knowledgable personal, like we have now reaches almost every person in the county. Continuing to offer programs at no or an affordable cost is most beneficial.
712 As far as agriculture is concerned, I feel extension has lost sight of the needs of the local growers and have instead focused on tenure projects in the university. Availability of professors with extension appointments is very poor and have become virtually un-available to the people who need their knowledge the most. Many of our best minds are touring outside of Iowa so much they cannot be used to our own benefit.
713 Teach Iowans to preserve and protect our environment and conserve our resources.
714 I attended ISU and currently live in Ames. I am in agriculture and find the education that I can receive from extension to be exceptionally valuable. I feel that there is a need to help/encourage a new generation of farmers to try and be successful farming in a non-corporate style. There are more and more non ag people moving to the country in search of a "more natural" way of living that involves conveniences and sustainability. More education for everyone will help communities prosper.
715 Too many resources have been allocated to regulation and not enough to education. Also to much emphasis has been placed on enviroment. If extension had to pay for all the yield loss due to err on the side of enviroment, the recommendations would be different. We see alot of yield loss due to lack of ackknowledgment of a pest issue soon enough.
716 Coordinate volunteer opportunities for teens, especially activities that would directly contribute to needs in the community.
717 I believe we need to make Iowans more aware of the opportunities available in growing grapes as a cash crop. There is a limited program to make people aware of the new opportunities, but more can and should be done. This would also require a better education on the use of herbasides and pestisides because of the effect on the current and future grape crops. We are in serious need of more grape growers in Iowa.
718 I live in Clinton and there is almost no presence of the extension in our community. I know they have an office in Dewitt and have some gardening classes but that is about it.
719 Don't duplicate what other agencies do. Your resources are finite, stick to what you can effect. Let businesses and community leading be taken care of by the League of Cities, etc. Focus on individual rural folks, they really need your help and no one speaks for the poor and struggling. P.S. Altho I live in Cedar Rapids now, I grew up on a farm in Northeast Iowa where all the rest of my family are, and I know how they are struggling and what they seem to need. Please don't disregard my comments due to my needing to live in CR. I would love to move back to my rural community, but there is no work there.
720 I am a city clerk and all the educational opportunities for community leaders would be great. Our town has not used any of the extensions services because we are not aware of them for small town. Maybe you need to have more contact with small cities and be sure they are aware of what the Extension Service has available.
721 The Agri-economy of Iowa should always take top priority as revenue engine of this state, but our communities are crying out for prime manufacturing jobs as a strong augmenter of the farm / farm-affected economies.
722 I feel it's very important to teach our community regarding educational opportunity, building their communities, parenting skill for young mother or family. I don't feel we should have on line training, I feel it's better to do it face to face contact with these families.
723 Most of our population is poverty level, no education above the high school level. Living paycheck to paycheck. Very redneck. They need to know that they can get out of here and there are bigger and better things.
724 Look at the ages of each household first. The needs will vary enormously with ages. Will each program be cost effective?
725 It would seem like Extension has lost its focus and mission. Many of your field specialists are chasing themselves for time and finding money. The numbers and money games are more important than educating. Many counties never see their field specialists. Many of the farmers are going elsewhere for their agricultural information. The new wave of county directors have no knowledge of agricultural importance in the communities they serve. These people have been placed in communites with no experience or knowledge base. With all the talk of cut backs and losing funding, there seems to be money for highing for new programs. Why are you trying to duplicate services...many of the human service agency programs are already being duplicated. As much as rural Iowa depends on agriculture, it doesn't make sense to put county directors in these positions that have no idea how important agriculture is to the counties they serve. In normal business these employees would not last long when not performing their jobs. It is a sin for counties to be spending tax payers money on positions that do not produce.
726 Our community needs non government elder assisted living housing. We don't know how to go about the planning process nor who to contact to assess our potential to attract a builder. I would also like to see a replay of the strategic planning series. I am trying to work in a young man into our operation who is short on capital. However I don't want to invest more in swine buildings.
727 We are losing population in Oskaloosa, not because of lack of jobs, but because the quality of life is not competitive with urban areas. We need to focus on improving quality of life here in the following areas: entertainment, restaurants other than fast food, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, etc.
728 I am very interested in improving the health of Iowans and believe that agriculture and how we produce our food is very important. I very much want to support farmers, but not as commodity porducers or animal confinement producers, but as producers of diverse crops and animals which are raised in ways that add to the health of Iowans and to the health of the environment, not to the degradation of both. We need to develop healthy, regional food systems in Iowa for Iowans. In addition, we need to be educating our children about healthy food systems, how to raise healthy food, how to purchase healthy food, how to prepare it, and how to enjoy it.
729 I don't know if this is possible but PHD programs would be nice.
730 I think that some of our small communities need to be shown the proper ways to access monies to upgrade the appearance of their older home issues and to encourage new business to invest in these communities. Right now very few of the small communities have more than a bank, school, and grain elevator for business. New businesses need to be brought into these communities to provide local jobs for the young and older citizens of these communities. This will help to keep some of the younger college people to stay here in Iowa if they prefer to live in a smaller community.
731 We are a very culturally diverse community and have a long way to go in total inclusion and acceptance of other cultures. He also have needs for parenting classes, strengthening families and overall support for parents in poverty as well as teen parents, which is on the rise.
732 I am not familiar with any ISU Projects. I think advertising the programs would be helpful.
733 Finding something that encourages younger, college-educated individuals is vital to keeping small town Iowa alive. A lack of these people is what makes me wish I didn't live in a small town, as I am a college-educated individual myself.
734 Job availability, creation of new businesses, and health care needs
735 I don't know the answer, but we need to know how to better involve more people in leadership in rural areas. Too few people are carrying the ball. We need to learn how to access people not in traditional way of the past, but in shorter term commitments as people have less and less time.
736 I would like to see continued education for adults, especially for displaced workers and/or people wanting to improve their ecconomic base.
737 I think there should be more after school programs being offered for children, also summer programs for youth such as hands on growing and harvesting foods, other life skills and enjoyment of nature that would benefit everyone, also programs for adults and seniors- much that tie in with services the extension already offers- perhaps use master gardeners and garden club members, other members of community to teach some of these classes, or Master conservationists to teach some of the classes. We need to get the local community involved in helping itself- people more invoved in sharing their skills with others.
738 Because of rising costs of so much in our lives we cannot afford to waste or duplicate any public services. Your list is very interesting but quite fanciful if it is meant to be "new" promotions of bettering lives in Iowa. All the topics are of great importance to some portion of the general public - to make them not of importance would decrease job opportunities and education of the populace.
739 Communities are learning from best business practices that they must cooperate and collaborate with other communities in order to share resources and leadership. This is because many community leaders (city council, board of supervisors, school board members) are people who have achieved leadership positions in business and industry. They transfer knowledge and skills. So, we wonder...do we really "need" ISU extension? Also, the pace of community development programs out of ISU is tediously slow...too many committee meetings. Consensus building and planning does not need to be so tedious. ISU extension, in some areas, seems a step or two behind judging from what is published in newspapers and university publications. Especially in the area of horticulture, family money management, and food and nutrition we learn more from our cable TV networks and the internet than we do from ISU. Much of what extension has been doing in the last 20 years seems redundant and old fashioned. Some of the people (experts) you send out to speak seem not very "street smart": one wonders if the "expert" on families has children, or if the "expert" on plant disease has a garden, or the "expert" on teaching has EVER actually taught in a K-5 classroom. I have also been dissapointed in overhearing political remarks made by some departmental turf issues discussed in public for instance). Much of your research and nformation could easily and more efficiently be distributed electronically. All in all, I have been of the opinion that land grant institutions need to rethink and reform "extension" and make it MUCH less bureaucratic. Sorry to be so negative but I have been dissapointed and disgusted enough times that I don't even seek out extension any more.
740 I dnn't kmow nothing about, only I know about swifts' job, my husband has the GED, he aplayed for a lot of jobs and only from swifts colepeople sayd that in Iowa are a lot of jab but I know is only to the American people.We sufered a lot of raisism.
741 ISU should be visible no one knows they exist except for limited programs
742 ISU does a good job of providing non biased agronomy information, and keep it coming!! The more current information we have on nitrogen, insects, diseases the better.Maybe some tillage studys could be useful also. I think ISU does a great job in the ag community, but as the community as a whole I think the word needs to be spread.
743 Some of the suggestions/questions above, should not have to be the responsibility of the Extension Dept, but the individual communities or area community colleges.
744 ISU Extension should promote programs like 4-H more, so that more youth can benefit from the life skills and development that it offers. The "noise" for sports and school activities is so loud that 4-H needs to promote itself to compete.
745 needs to develop more partnerships with other agencies. Specialists are none existent or have very limited programs
746 I believe the list covers about everything.
747 I could have given everything a 5, but I know that you can't do everything. I tried to give a 5 to those things that I thought were most important, or that I didn't think were done by other entities. I am aware of the work that the youth development workers are doing and find it to be very valuable for our state.
748 Actually I have not really used the services and am wondering if there is a connection with the IDPH and the local Dept of Health. My answers were 3 because i really don't know what is available.
749 We have a severe need in Guthrie and Adair counties to control the influx of illegal immigrants. These people do not add to the existing communities, they only serve as a cheap source of labor for big business. They also bring disease and serve as a highly divisive force, especially when our government provides them free services on the taxpayers dollar.
750 We are very small with no school and a lot of one person households. We need pride of community.
751 Lead and facilitate rural economic development activities that provide above average wages. Prioritize new and alternative industries and spend less time duplicating efforts already being accomplished by industry in mature industries like corn/soybean/cattle/hog production and processing.
752 address/bring out the "hidden" concerns that are present but are not talked about
753 Our civic leaders are wonderful, well-intentioned people. However, they lack data for optimal decisions. Their decision-making is driven by "I believe" and "I feel" rather than by facts. This is in large part due to the lack of facts OR to poor staff work in getting appropriate information. I believe elected leaders and, perhaps, more importantly, city staff need lots of training. A staff development program that focuses on issues like change management, human factors, etc. would be VERY beneficial. And, it would have to be a reasonable cost to the community or else the city couldn't afford it.
754 It is my thought that for Iowa to have a dynamic future, or a place to live, work-- and make a decent living wage -- and raise families, entrepreneurship should become the highest priority of a collaberative effort of government service agencies, such as the ISU Estension and the USDA agencies (e.g. rural development & RC&DS), schools and business in all Iowa. The communities need to be educated, first, as to what they are missing by not making this a priority. I am shocked that this has not been a priority of Governors Branstad and Vilsack.
755 Nothing, ISU is good already.
756 We are a small town.
757 as a rural area we are changing everyday. what will the future rurual areas look like, what jobs will be here, and socially how do we prepare? Iowa mainly has older population. what about the mid and young generation? What will be here for us?
758 Entreprenerial business and farming operations expanded
759 I would have never associated some of the above functions with your organization. More information about who you are, your mission, and what you can do for individuals and community would be awesome. I'd like to see a greater connect for entrepreneurism, ecologic activity, and empowering persons without corporate greed. Education should be enlightening and empowering and if your reaching out to those who don't come to your campus then lift them up with the possibilities of life and tools to pursue a future/
760 We need more activities for youth in our community. We also need more places for our youth to hand out. A rollerblading park or a youth center. We need more teen dances too.
761 Our community needs young families to move in and fill our vacant homes
762 I think we need to build on what is going to be good for all of Iowa. I wish studies could be done on how farming effects the area. How BIG hog confinements effct the area. How we can keep our young people in the area. Also, how we can draw in visiters to our area.
763 Extension should focus more on farming,etc and not get involved in so many areas-you spread yourself too thin and are not an expert at anything.
764 We need to be able to be competetive with cost of production and retail prices or local people will go to the cities and local business will colapse (and has). Our community also needs common activities to bring all the citizens together so we can feel connected and be invested in each others welfare.
765 very strong in crop production in this area, also strong in youth. Keep up good work
766 I utilize the extension more for agricultural things.
767 Extension provides a valuable service and some of the ideas mentioned are ways the agency can improve life for local citizens.
768 budgeting for new families
769 Many more underinsured or uninsured due to job loss and increased insurance costs.
770 Continue to provide education on how factors such as health, economic development, agriculture and buisness are interrelated.
771 More comprehensive transportation services as gas prices continue to rise. Alternative resources for energy to heat homes and businesses. Our population is growing older and will soon be on fixed incomes. People on fixed incomes (Welfare, SS benefits, working poor) will be forced to double up unable to pay bills. Education for top officials making decisions that don't see the impact of these families. To look at the correlation of all these things combined and the stress it causes to families. Child abuse is on the rise.
772 Please! Lets see MORE information and encouragement for sustainable agriculture and LESS about corporate farming practices except to educate people about the negative impact of the corporate farm on the environment, farming, the animals and eventually the consumers.
773 Improve health education of all iowans. We are teaching most people the wrong set of principles and are very backward in our education in terms of how the body works and appropriate health knowledge and care. Current research and science in the fields of health are far ahead of our current education system.
774 Many of the choice you gave are outside of the mission of ISU extension. Particularly in the areas of education and human services, extension should support efforts but NOT duplicate services. Many of the options offered in the survey are more than adequately provided by the community colleges in Iowa. Let's not waste tax dollars and precious people resources by duplication. As a part of a land grant college, do what you do best, and the rest to others.
775 I would like to see the 4-H leaders better educated on the record keeping part of the program.
776 I think ISU Extension can also be very efective in developing the arts and helping communities realize how important the arts are to the quality of life in our local communities.
777 How to conserve non-renewable resources & find alternative, renewable fuels
778 It would be helpful if ISU Extension had a Latino Family Field Specialist.
779 We are in desperate need of more quality job opportunities. The businesses in my area are minimal to begin with and are having a hard time staying open.
780 quit duplicating services provided by other agency; stick to what you're good at - AGRICULTURE!!! especially in the rural areas!!! (I grew up in a small town and am familiar with the extension system.) I think #13-18 in the above question should be your main focus. I think extension offices should get back to focusing on agriculture, the environment, leadership more knowledgeable upper level leadership; It's sad to see the unknowledgeable directors you are hiring.
781 Provide opportunties for farmers at all levels of operation (small to large scale). This includes local food systems. Also, help promote diverse farming operations such as agrotourism.
782 we are in short supply of high quality child care for babies and toddlers; we need to explore public and corporate sponsorships to offset the expense related to high quality child care so that child care staff and parents are not subsidizing it through low wages and higher than affordable rates.
783 Teach the young children at an early age the importance of land use decisions, environmental protection, and youth responsible for their actions.
784 I think local government needs more resources for decisions they never had to deal with before: land issues after ag-to-residential or commercial zoning, city annexation implications for said zoned areas, and what rural people can do to discourage pig factories (by rural, I am talking about farmers/ranchers, not acreage or hobby owners).
785 It is especially helpful to us in providing education to the youth in our community.
786 Define a 'business'. Very few questions about ag profitability. How can you ask a question about horticulture and natural resourse together in the same question? Should be two questions. Same with air and water quality question, two questions in one with only one choice of an answer for both, not good. Same about asking youth and adults in one question, I can not answer both with one answer. Question 22 is 3 questions in one. Great for interpreting data any way you wish. I was astonished at this survey coming from a great land grant university. Very little related to improving ag profitability for Iowa. I would guess with the wording of these questions you can get almost any interpretation you wish with the responses. It could be really amusing to read the conclusions drawn from these slanted questions.
787 It looks like ISU and the State of Iowa should embrace farming in this state and not treat it like it is an ugly step-child. You also need to treat the Extension's most successful program with more respect than you do. That program is the 4-H program.
788 I am not familiar enough with ISU extension yet to comment.
789 I see extension's role as primarily youth develop through the 4-H program. I know that's limiting and more services are offered, but those are the only things I use and its biggest role. Many areas -- expanding agriculture, finding new ag products, etc., are better handled through companies aleady involved in those endeavors of research and product development. It's important to find a niche that's not being helped by another government organization, so it's not a duplication of efforts.
790 We have a number of immigrants from other countries who have lilttle access to health care because they work at jobs without health insurance, and they are not eligible for T 19 or HAWK-I
791 The 'needs' need to be researched so that we are not duplicating programs already in place. And if there is duplication weigh the best way to handle it. After consideration, (1)continue our program,(2) assist the other source or (3) turn the program completly to the other source.
792 ISU has been an excellent partner in Plymouth County - Must focus on future demands and funding sources to accomplish same.
793 extension is best at dealing with agriculture and the issues of rural cultures. The extension is trying to do to much for to many different groups so that they are duplicating services which are provided by other agencies at a higher quality. Upper level leadership has not demonstrated compitance or knowledge in many areas. I grew up on a farm in a small town, and 4H was a very important aspect of my life. Unfortunately the 4H program is no longer what it was, but I no part of that is due to societal pressures. However, I do belive extension should stick to agricutlure and involvement of youth as much as possible. It's sad to see the inept that are in some of your county offices. Many times as the saying goes,"If you want an answer, ask the boss. If you want the RIGHT answer, ask the secretary."
794 Extension needs to be more visible and present in the community if they plan to continue receiving funding through current sources or attempt to receive additional funding to support programming.
795 There are many organizations in our community working on the above topics. The best role for ISU extension would be to partner and collaborate with organizations providing these services. As gaps are seen, then ISU Johnson County should convene groups to address issues. I've always thought of Extension as the provider of environmental, agricultural, horticultural, and farm management information.
796 Lacks leadership-community and schools
797 The only connection we have is as a Benton County 4H member. Since this is an anonymous survey we wish to say our experience in 4H has been mixed at the county level, at fair, and at state. What I mean by "mixed" good and bad. Example: information does not get disseminated in a timely manner on a variety of venues. Happens yearly. (county personnel). Another example(fair committee): Finding out a category will not be included this year at Fair approx. 3 days before fair started. This was after youth had already talked amongst themselves to coordinate their efforts. This is something that should be decided months before AND communicated to families as soon as possible. And at state level: Judging by "lifetime" employees/retirees/etc. seems biased. Let me explain: My view of 4H is that it is set up to be an organization of many facets, one of which is to allow each individual youth to pursue their own particular interests. Yet, what appears to be rewarded at the state (not county) level is ANYTHING that mentions EXTENSION, 4H, LOGO, PLEDGE, ETC. To us, the Ia State Extension office is there to serve the people of the state; not to become a self-preserving entity promoting itself, its agenda, its programs. Rather be on the side of the youth and encourage diversity and their individuality that many times has absolutely nothing to do with the organization they are a member of but which in the long run will better the state of iowa in creativity, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, etc. In other words, stop promoting 4H and Extension and start promoting youth ideas/interests and 4H/Extension will be viable for many years to come.
798 Provide more programs that assist families of all economic back grounds - not just the poor.
799 Help us see ourselves as citizens of the world; less greedy and more thoughtful about what we consume.
800 I feel all of the above were almost essential. Our small community of Washington has little to offer a young family job wise and/or shopping opportunities-excepting Goodwill and another second hand store which is privately owned. Then Walmart and Pamida.
801 Make getting information on ISU/county programs more widely available and known.
803 Our community is decreasing in population -primarily due to lack of better paying jobs. It is difficult to maintain existing families, let alone, bring new families in. There is a TREMENDOUS need for GOOD day/child care. I have co-workers who fluctuate their hours by shortening their lunch times and wearing themselves out trying to work around school and their work schedules because there is a lack of child care providers.
804 Beautification of our communities. Bring back Lady Bird Johnson ads. There is so much litter. Our communities are a disgrace.
805 I think i would have to be insane not to think supporting the above items would be a good thing for our state. I question the wording of the survey - it seems to be quite slanted. With that said, I do support the continued development of the ISU Extension services. i just hope you're not ruining your credibility by doing a hokey survey like this. Good luck.
806 ISU Extension is a tremendous resource. Every staff member I have worked with are wonderful, talented, committed people
807 Continue to provide services for people who would never get the needed information.
808 Our community is not aware enough of the opportunities provided by Extension.
809 Do local needs assessments; deliver on needed services based on this input.
810 Work with landlords to eliminate application fees for the poorest of the poor.
811 People do NOT know what services and programs are out there in the county for them to use during financial difficulty and times of need such as medical disability, crisis, etc. Families need help and it is frustrating to make 100 calls before you can get an answer. We need a talkline or help referral number and all area helping agencies should be listed on this service so that referrals can be made. You must distribute service directories!
812 Our community needs available bussing for Senior citizens. Also more interactive functions offered for the seniors.
813 Small communities need to keep small businessess in their towns. But how do you compete with WalMarts etc. I feel that with the rising price of gas, maybe small town businessess will pick up a bit. I also feel that the youth in small communities feel the need to leave the small towns to make enough money to purchase a home and raise a family. On retirement age they do decide to live in the small towns.
814 If I ranked most of the above items anything but 5, it would be like saying "I'm against God, Mother and apple pie!"
815 Not to ignore the working poor individual. There is plenty of assistance available for the poverty community. Nothing for the working poor. There are two programs offered that are not income based, that is for parenting which is helpful, but the working poor could use major assistance with child care expense. This will help boost the average working family or single family.
816 I think our extension covers it all pretty darn well. But, there's always room for improvement.
817 Develop more computer based training that can be done from work or home, maybe?
818 We have lots of interest in Master Gardener here. Four-H is also big.
819 i do not have a home pc
820 The director should be a more outgoing and friendlier person than what we have here in Mahaska Co.
821 If Gov. Vilsack is correct (and I believe he is), we nned to do everything possible to develop the young learner. Many parents do a fine to exceptional job of this, but I think many of our "problem students" do not receive adequate educational encouraement and support in the very early years. These parents and future students need some assistance so they don't fall behind before they even start.
822 Extension needs to be more visible in the areas nesr the state lines- the specialists are spread too thin.
823 Promote activities better. Didn't know if and or Extension office does until involved with Master Gardener program. ur family is new to Iowa and they should promote self, services, programs. Maybe something in a Newcomer's packet? Promotional material at the Chamber?
824 Economic development Programs for at risk youth After school programs
825 Cheri Hardison and her crew have been helpful to me when I was the TAG teacher at West Monona. As a retired teacher, I will continue to use the resources offered for volunteer service in the community.
826 Youth who are struggling should be surrounded and lifted up by the community and taught skills they are deficit in. This could be anything from social skills to independent living skills- Parents/adults in the community need to be held accountable for what they are teaching their kids through their actions-
827 Some of the training's that are being suggested are already covered by other agencies such as Area Agencies on Aging, Chambers, community colleges etc. I would hope that there would be collaboration.
828 I think extension should treat individuals equally and give all the same opportunities.
829 You provide excellent information, but everybody is so involved in their own things,there is not time for meetings.
830 not much
831 how kids run the block w/out people knowing where they are.
832 I've only used the Extension service for questions about local plants and insects and I was not aware of all the other services it offered.
833 I understand that farmers are becoming less of the population but we rely on the expertise from extension to make better decisions as our margins shrink and wrong decisions cost
834 We need more business and or industry,So many small towns are stuggling to suvive and thus there schools also
835 We, in Solon, have a need for after school programs. Especially for middle and high school youth. Their is currently a program through UAY, United Action for Youth, that is not well staffed or organized. This was a priority for the community 5 years ago. That is how they made the connection with UAY. However the last year there was a location change and change of their staff that made a difference. There is also a need for parenting programs. As in any community or household we can all learn new tools to be better parents. ISU extension could be used by the schools and the entire community to develop those skills. Thank you for all that you do currently in our community and those around us.
836 to maek your services more known.
837 -Iowa DHS is under Federal mandates to establish at least one CITIZENS' REVIEW BOARD, A vital part of the checks and balances designed to keep their efforts focused on stated goals as outlined by the Federal government when DHS state departments were implemented nationwide I urge you to read some of the statements before the House Ways and means comittee on DHS/child safety;you'll find it shocking!!here's an Iowan's submission: http://waysandmeans.house.gov/hearings.asp?formmode=view&id=1348&keywords=Hanson+statement Please read some of the others and you'll agree this is one of the most serious problems Iowa (and the nation) is facing. I have only cited Fed legislative actions because you wouldn't believe the atrocities that take place daily in the name of "Child Welfare" Please check into this ! Also note that 60% of Iowa's abused children are listed under "Denial of critical care", their catch-all which i have personally seen used to confirm one of the 9000+ abusers... Their evidence; 4 dirty plates,a pan, 3 bowls,4 glasses and silverware in the sink from dinner shortly before the DHS investigator arrived!! This is a Catholic family who sends their children to private schools ($5000.00+ per year for Dowling) whose parents are DEVOTED to their welfare! The DHS investigator, Gregg Sweem, testified in court that there were 2 WEEKS' worth of dirty dishes (the ones described above) and the house was messy!
838 Don't have much experience with extension but I do enjoy listening to Elwen Taylor
839 Some how get information on what extension has to offer out in the community, a way to let people whats going on on meetings and programs
840 Continue education for farmers and relationship to goverment policy and programs.
841 Taxes are too high
842 Hawarden needs to be more openminded for new businesses coming in to town. People often do not want new businesses to come into town. They would rather have the new businesses come in on mainstreet and not expand the town to the outer limits. We're lucky that people approve of a Subway coming into town. As a young person, I would like to see more openmindedness to new businesses coming into town and would like to see growth in the town. In my opinion, in a few years, Hawarden may become a ghost town if no new businesses come to town. I feel that Hawarden should have more things for school aged people to do rather than sit on the "loop" or main street on weekends or after school. We should have more programs for them to do so they are not out on the streets often times causing trouble with other young people either younger or older than themselves. Hawarden should have more opportunities for children and teenagers for after school or jobs rather than having to be out on the streets hanging out and that sort of thing. Jobs because Hawarden is a small town and people do often times have to drive 15 to 60 minutes to get to their jobs.
843 Obesity is increasing. Anythng to help counter that trend would be beneficial for the whole community.
844 It is most useful when Extension doesn't try to be everything for everyone, but becomes and stays an expert in home, family, and agricultural education. Extension is to be praised for all the good work you do!
845 Classes should be offered at times that working adults can attend.
846 Promote pride in our rural communities and our unique heritage. Encourage residents to keep it looking nice and not trashy.
847 We are an ever demographically. There seems to be a larger gap between the economic sectors. Jobs are lower paying jobs.
848 In order for there to be future farmers, something needs to be done to address the issue of new farmers beginning to farm as the costs to do so are prohibative for most would-be farmers. Low interest loans or other types of assistance are needed. The youngest farmer I know now is about 45 years old. I don't know anyone younger. I doubt if his children will farm but am not sure.
849 I think working with the youth, helping them develop the skills they will need for later in life. Maybe a program like the school to work program.(helping farmers, co-ops and others in the community.
850 Our small community seems less and less like a community and more like a bedroom town for the surrounding area. We need to build community togetherness and neighborly connectivity. It seems that we are all busy going our own way that we forget we are a part of a community.
851 These are all beneficial opportunities, finding the people to teach and the people to come to the meetings would be the challenge.
852 It is important to get the information to the community. I had not heard much about the programs that the agency had until I worked in the same building.
853 We need things for the youth to do that expands their experiences, like livestock quiz bowl.
854 We need to have them more visible at Children's Health Fair.
855 Jobs, jobs, jobs!
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