Story County 4-H Endowment Funding

Reviewed and awarded by the Story County 4-H Foundation Board.


  • To support a strong, safe, and vital 4-H program
  • To support educational programs that encourage growth and excitement in youth
  • To make 4-H more accessible to more youth
  • To support and recognize youth and adults in the program


Award Categories:

  • Grants for a community service project, or an educational program, workshop, or event carried out by a 4-H club/group

  • Support for an individual (youth or adult) participating in an Educational Experience (event or activity)


Membership Fee Support

  • Membership Fees for new members in new 4-H clubs or Clover Kid groups:
    The Story County 4-H Foundation wants to encourage the formation of new 4-H clubs/groups and will pay memberships as follows during the first two years of the existence of a club or group:

    1. During year 1 of the club or group’s existence, any brand new member of the new club/group will have their full membership paid by the Foundation.
    2. During year 2 of the club or group's existence, any brand new member of that club/group or 2nd year continuing member of that club will have 1/2 of their membership paid by the Foundation.
  • Clover Kids who are joining a 4-H club:
    Any current Clover Kid group member transferring their membership (becomes a junior member) to an established Story County 4-H Club will have ½ of their 1st year 4-H membership paid by the Foundation.

For all membership fees:  The completed form, Request for Payment of 4-H Member/Clover Kid Enrollment Fees (Word .doc or Acrobat .pdf), (available online or at the office) should accompany Enrollment Forms when they are submitted to the Story County office. These fees apply to youth, Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Application Dates

Each of these categories requires an application or request for the funds. These may be submitted 4 times a year: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. All applications must be submitted to ISU Extension - Story County, 220 H Avenue, Box 118, Nevada, IA 50201.

Applying for a Grant or Support of an Educational Experience

After a grant application is submitted, it will be reviewed and an interview will be scheduled with the applicant(s). Funding will be awarded after the first of April, July, October, and January. Dollars must be used within one year of award. Recipients of dollars are to submit a report to the Foundation Board within 30 days of the completion of the project.

Who Can Apply?

Youth or adults may apply.  We encourage youth to take the leadership in planning and carryout of the club community service projects. Adults may want to apply for support of an educational program they plan for their club or group.  The new educational experience support is for individuals who are interested in gaining new skills and knowledge which they can bring back to their club or group or the Story County 4H program.  Read below to see what the follow up expectations are for this funding.  Application forms are available at the Extension Office or through the links above. Read the Application Tips Sheet above for help in completing the application. Talk to a Foundation Board member if you have questions.

A Report Is Required After the Project Is Completed.

The goal of the Foundation Board is to use the Foundation dollars to help youth grow in their skills of leadership, citizenship, communication, problem solving, and service to others. Your report will help us tell donors your story of how their dollars are making a difference in the lives of 4-Hers and others. Read the Application Tip Sheets for what should be in your report. Photos of 4-H’ers in action during your project will enhance your report.


Contact Alison Boelman, Story County Extension Office, or 515-382-6551.

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