Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit Hopping is a 4-H and Clover Kid club for individuals interested in training their rabbit or rabbits to jump over hurdles that are set up into a course.  Rabbit Hopping also gives individuals the opportunity to gain responsibility, communication, citizenship, and team working skills as well an opportunity to learn more about rabbits.  As a 4-H’er advances in this area, they gain leadership skills from helping others. 

Generally club members meet once or twice a month to work with their rabbit either at Christy 4-H Hall or Dueland Pavilion.  At the end of May rabbit hopping practice/ meetings change to once a week in order to start preparing for competition at the Story County Fair.  This club also organizes a multi-county rabbit hopping show where 4-H youth from all over the state come and participate.  Strong youth involvement and parental support has helped rabbit hopping take off in Story County and be a leader in a new area in Iowa.

Leader: Kay Morris 515-387-1178 or tkmorristwo@yahoo.com

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