Lafayette Leaders

Usually meets the 2nd Sunday of the month.  The schedule varies to accommodate school activities.  The club has some weekend activities and meetings.  Most members are Jr. High age and younger.  We also have a Clover Kid leader to help instruct younger siblings. 

Project areas:  beef, sheep, swine, horse, poultry, dog, gardening, baking, photography, clothing construction, visual arts, science, etc. 

Activities:  county and state fair, camping, educational tours, communication contest, family night potluck, hot dog roast, sledding party, bowling, monthly business meetings with how-to workshops and recreation activities. 

Citizenship:  raising money and collecting donations for the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, 4-H Camping Center, and Riverside Bible Camp, Creating a scene for project photos on the Story County Fair Grounds. 

Leadership Opportunities:  club officer roles, giving presentations and demonstrations, heading project committees, project camps and Iowa 4-H camping center opportunities encouraged.

Fundraiser:  mini- gold course for Scandinavian Days

Leaders: Lynn Hougland (515-328-2735) and Carol Petzenhauser (515-388-5536)

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