HyperStream, a preferred STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) scale-up program through the Governor’s scale-up initiative, partners with business and education.  HyperStream clubs foster real-world learning through hands-on projects and engaging presentations—all with professional technology mentoring.  

 Members learn a variety of concepts and skills in technology.   Members can choose to focus in any or all of these three areas of technology:

  • Robotics: Members are challenged to understand the purpose and procedures of robotics.  Using Lego Mindstorms NXT software and education kits, teams build robots and create coding commands for robots to follow.
  • Game Design: Teams use the Alice programming system to experiment with programming logic and language.  Members blend technology with creativity to create educational game worlds with virtual characters and plots.
  • Multimedia:  Members learn about a variety of mediums as they dapple into fields of photography, photo editing, video production, presentation software, web design and more.  Multimedia teams create a collection of multimedia projects wrapped around marketing and product development.

Interested in learning more about Hyperstream?  Contact the Story County Extension Office at 515-382-6551 or check out their website at: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/boone/news/hyperstream-0.

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