Howard Happy Helpers

Members:  31 (21 4-Hers, 10 clover kids) 
Club Activities:Story County Youth Fair, Family Night: installation of officers, awards and family potluck, Christmas Party: gift exchange, food and games, sledding party, participation in the Go the Distance Program: group fitness activities include a day of fun activities at the Story City Fitness Center and an afternoon of bowling at Carousel Lanes in Story City,Communication Contest, Club Tour, Achievement Show: the club goes as a group and visits member's homes who are involved in an animal or garden project, then we meet with an Achievement Show judge who goes over our other fair projects and advises us on how to finish them for fair, during the Achievement Show we fill out fair entry forms and grill burgers for supper, Roland Days Pancake Breakfast and Parade, monthly business meetings with workshops, presentations and recreational activities. 
Citizenship Projects: Community Food Drive in August: we collect, sort and stock the shelves at the Story City Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, Deliver Welcome Packets to new Roland residents, Host a meeting, lead pledges, serve on a committee, etc. 
Leadership Opportunities: Club officer roles, teach workshops, organize club activities, etc.
Communication Opportunities: Presentations at club meetings, share a project with the club at Club Tour, participate in county level activities such as the Communication Contest, Share the Fun, etc. 
Fundraisers: Roland Days Pancake Breakfast in July, The Haunted Hay Ride in October.

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