Extemporanous Writing

The opportunity is available for 4-H’ers to enter an extemporaneous writing contest.  Being able to collect your thoughts and write them legibly on paper in a way that communicates your ideas well and in a logical order is an essential skill to develop.  Rules:

  • This contest is open to 4-H’ers in grades 4-12.
  • A 4-H topic will be communicated with the 4-H’er in the writing room. 
  • In the writing room, the 4-H’er will then have a limited time to write about the topic.  Junior 4-H’ers will have 20 minutes, Intermediates 25 minutes, and Senior 4-H’ers will have 30 minutes to write about their topic.  The room monitor will track the minutes available to contestant.  If done writing early, the contestant may leave the writing room, but will be unable to re-enter this room. 
  • Paper and some 4-H reference materials will be provided in the room for the contestant’s use.  The contestant may also bring their own printed reference materials (books, magazines, web pieces, etc), but no written notes or outlines.
  • Evaluation criteria includes: content related to topic, organization of information, conciseness in wording, and neatness of writing
  • A time for a conference between the 4-H’er and the judge will also be scheduled.

Judge's Score Sheet

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