Extemporanous Speaking

This contest is designed to encourage the development of the communication life-skill by enhancing the ability to think, organize, speak, and answer questions readily before an audience.  Rules include:

  • This contest is open to ALL 4-H’ers. Note: only grades 9 – 12 are eligible for State Fair consideration.
  • At the beginning of the assigned 30 minute preparation time in the preparation room, the contestant will draw three 4-H topics and select one to prepare a speech on.  The selected topic will not be available to the other contestants.  The other two topics may again be drawn by other contestants. 
  • The 4-H’er will have the rest of the 30 minutes in the preparation room to prepare a speech 4 minutes (minimum) to 6 minutes (maximum) in lengthwithout help from other 4-H’ers or adults.  The contestant may not leave the preparation room when the 30 minute preparation time begins, until it is time to give his/her speech in the audience room. 
  • Plain note cards and some 4-H reference materials will be available in the preparation room for the contestant’s use.  The contestant may also bring their own printed reference materials (books, magazines, web pieces, etc) but no written notes or outlines.  Only notes made during the preparation period may be used for the speech.
  • In the audience room, a person timing the speech will show cue cards for each minute (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  The contestant will be asked to stop at six minutes.  Questions may follow.
  • Props, posters, or visuals of any sort are not allowed in the audience room.   
  • Evaluation criteria includes: content related to topic, knowledge of the subject, organization of material, power of expression, voice, stage presence, general effect, and response to questions.

Judge's Score Sheet

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