Educational Presentation

The Educational Presentation is a talk or speech often with illustrations or posters where the 4-H’er communicates to an audience knowledge, information or a process about a particular subject. Typically, the audience is involved visually, mentally, emotionally or through hearing. Topic selection should be appropriate and should be an outgrowth of the presenter’s 4-H experience. Junior level 4-H’ers (grades 4-6) with presentations have a maximum time length of 15 minutes. Intermediate and senior level 4-H’ers (grades 7-12) with presentations have a maximum length of 20 minutes. Set-up must be done by exhibitor only (like state fair). Internet connections will not be available. If unable to give your presentation at the communication contest, the presentation may be video taped and submitted for non-conference judging, but it will not be eligible for state fair selection.

Judge's Score Sheet

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